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REVIEW: Arrow 5×15 “Fighting Fire with Fire”

Well now, kind of saw that coming but still didn’t expect it at the same time. Either way, the final push of the season seems like it is going to be a whole lot of fun for everyone as opposed to the last two seasons. “Fighting Fire With Fire”  certainty moved a lot of pieces into place, whether it be the reveal of Prometheus, having Thea own up to her really stupid mistakes, or making Curtis be useful for once. All of this added up to a really solid episode that seems to have clear consequences for all the parties involved. It really managed to harken back to the older seasons of the show where the reveal of the big bad is simply the beginning of the end for Oliver and the team. The only major difference is that Ollie actually has something to lose this time around and it is probably going to hurt as much if not more than before.

Lets start with the big reveal first, Adrian is Prometheus and not Vigilante as many of us thought he would be because you know, comics. Josh Segarra has done a great job this season of playing Adrian and making him feel as if Ollie could eventually trust him in his inner most circle. Now that the twist has taken place and Adrian is seemingly moving into his end game it makes everything we have seen him do this season be framed in a much more sinister light. Is Adrian even Claybourne’s son or was this simply a ploy to divert Oliver’s attention from his true identity? This also raises the question as to what Adrian’s endgame actually is, humiliation or death. We have been assuming that Adrain is going for death by a thousand cuts and here tonight Adrian managed to make his biggest move without Oliver even knowing.

Plenty of people have attempted to put Ollie on the ropes or expose his identity, but Adrian has managed to do something much more terrifying. He has made Ollie put a target on his own back and now we simply have to wait for Adrian to out Oliver to the entire city and watch him burn not only Oliver’s but everyone Oliver cares about lives to the ground. I mean if this is only part one of his endgame Adrian is really playing with some multi dimension chess while Ollie is only playing connect four. There is also a simple beauty in the idea that Vigilante is still out their gunning for Oliver and Oliver can do nothing to stop him. If Ollie can’t stop the Big Bad he knows is after him how on earth is he supposed to stop the one can’t even catch. I really want to see how this plays out and what the endgame becomes, because Adrian has certainly lived up to the hype so far.

Speaking of characters who have begun to redeem themselves we had two big moments for Thea and Curtis. If there has been an Achilles heel of the season up to this point man has it been Curtis. I mean he has just royally sucked at pretty much everything he has done, but now he is finally leaning into being Mister Terrific. We have seen Curtis working on the T-Spheres for nearly two years now, and to have them payoff against a foe a formidable as Vigilante was just icing on the cake. Echo Kellum was great in having Curtis dedicate himself to his craft as he believed he was getting his husband back. So it kind of was great when not everything worked out for him and Curtis found out Paul was divorcing him. The whole two steps forward and one step back thing is a solid motif for Curtis, so when everything does finally decide to come up roses it will actually mean something. Hopefully this was not a one time Curtis being cool scenario and we continue to get a better character moving forward.

The other character who managed to find a way to redeem themselves this week was Thea. After being a monster most of last week and having her be one for most of this episode we have Thea finally realize just how terrible she has been. I mean it is one thing to discredit Susan who was being a pain to her all season, but to go after a guy whose wife committed suicide was completely going nuclear. I love the fact that Thea realized the monster she was becoming as Ollie’s chief of staff and that she needs to step away before she goes too far. Granted, Thea has always made very drastic choices, but the one she was going to make tonight was absolutely insane. I hope her arc develops well and she is able to use her status and power for good use in the future, but the time out is well appreciated for the moment. 

The only character who has not managed to learn their lesson is Felicity, who is somehow continuing to be the worst and now is doing it intentionally. Not only was she totally cool with blackmailing suicide guy in order to save Ollie, she is willing to go even further just to justify she is right. That is some grade A horseshit and good on Diggle for calling her on it. There is only one way this Helix story can end properly and that is with everyone involved including Felicity going to jail. There is no other option or form of true redemption, Felicity needs to give a pound of flesh in order for her to learn her lesson. I just really hope the writers commit to this and don’t find a way for Felicity to weasel out of it for no reason.

Overall it was a pretty fantastic episode. Now please don’t break my heart Arrow, it has happened for the past two years and I didn’t like it.

Finale Grade A-

+Ollie putting a hit on himself

+Adrian being revealed as Prometheus

+Curtis being competent

+Thea realizing the monster she was becoming

-Felicity not realizing the monster she is becoming

Extra Thoughts

-Hey Talia is back next week and in the present no less.

-Now the big question is who the hell is Vigilante?

-On the list of characters who have gone MIA we have Kovar, Artemis, and Ragman. Where the hell are they?

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