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REVIEW: The Flash 3×14 “Attack on Central City”

Well, that took a long fucking time for a gorilla army to show up. Not saying it wasn’t worth it but man did I just want to see Flash fight some Grodd damn gorillas. Still a really good time. So, “Attack on Central City” or as I see everyone in their right mind telling Barry he isn’t Oliver. Granted, there is a ton of fun material with Harry and the whole premise of Grodd bringing an army to attack Central City, but most of our time is spent convincing Barry he shouldn’t murder people. Seems the number one super hero tenant, but what the hell do I know, I am just a guy who has read a lot of comics and seen what happens when you give into straight up murder. While all the Barry development is happening we also get some run progress with Cisco as a whole. I mean props to Carlos Valdes this season because Cisco has really become an entirely different character.

So, this really was just Grant Gustin’s episode to play around with and show how much Barry has grown not just over the series, but in this season alone. I mean just think back too the crossover and how much of a chump leader he was. Here we see Barry being confident, figuring out the best way to tackle a situation, and not recklessly endangering thousands. Barry now knows his role as a mentor to both Jesse and Wally and he is willing to lead by example no matter how bizarre the situation. It was a little weird for Barry to be so gung ho about murdering Grodd. I mean I totally get the fact that Grodd is a competent foe now who could probably take down Barry, but Barry really wanted him dead. It’s not like Grodd has killed anyone close to Barry like Zoom and Thawne have. Grodd is just angry and doesn’t know how to properly deal with his emotions.

That is why it was so great to see everyone tell Barry to pump the breaks on killing Grodd. Whether it be Iris saying that wouldn’t make Barry be the man who she loves or Harry saying it would ruin him as a person. It would have been easy for Barry to vibrate his hand through Grodd’s chest, but that is not what a hero does. Granted it does raise a question about how they have taken care of Grodd by giving him to Lyla and Argus. Does Argus have some sort of anti mind control tech or are they just going to put him in some sort of meta zoo with King Shark. We throw Cheetah in there and we will have the beginning of the injustice league. I just like the idea of Barry being the bigger man because when you look at all of the heroes in the CWDCU Barry sometimes feels like the only one with a strong moral compass.

Speaking of well developed characters, Cisco has really come into his own this season. Cisco has always been well played as our favorite goof, but seeing him stand up and take charge against Gypsy was a great move. Thawne always told Cisco he could be great things, and he is certainly developing into a nice secondary leader of the team and truly cementing his role as Barry’s right hand. He knew the team needed Gypsy’s help and that no matter what Gypsy said she truly believed she could be a hero and not just a bounty hunter. Carlos Valdes does a great job playing off Jessica Camacho and making her believe that she can be a hero.Their chemistry is certainly not lacking and I am looking forward to seeing how their long distance relationship develops over time.

As for Wally and Jesse’s relationship, it certainly is a thing. It just feels so natural for the two characters which makes me wonder why I don’t feel anything now that they are together. I mean they are both funny and obviously care about each other, so why doesn’t it feel as important as any of the other relationships on the show. I feel like I am watching two of my friends get together and saying to myself “well that was expected, at least their won’t be any drama”. The feel so simple and nice yet boring at the same time. I guess that makes sense but I am just left wondering where this character arc goes for both of them.

Lastly, I know we probably didn’t have the budget for a massive gorilla vs speedster fight, but the final fight scene certainly fizzled out until Solovar showed up. It was super cool to watch the two gorillas head to head but I don’t understand why Grodd thought he could now take Solovar down after getting his ass handed to him multiple times. Still ending was super satisfying.

Overall it was a solid finish to Gorilla City. Now we just have to wait for Argus to buy a Zoo.

Final Grade B

+Solovar vs Grodd

+Great plot for Barry

+Cisco stepping up

-Caitlin getting sidelined

-Wally and Jesse plot

-Not enough gorillas

Extra Thoughts

-We got the first appearance of the Earth-19 speedster The Accelerated Man. I now count the minutes until we get Gotham by Gaslight.

-I loved how resigned Joe was to all the “science” the team put him through. He really is fed up with this shit.

-Barry and Iris are getting married, that nice if she doesn’t get speed shanked by Savitar.

-I love the fact Cisco can’t handle Gypsy, also his need to hide his boner and Jesse and Wally’s reaction to the kiss. Excellent comedy all around

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