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REVIEW: The Flash 3×15 “The Wrath of Savitar”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when all of the big bads come to attack our favorite heroes and the bad guys finally get the leg up. Last week we had Prometheus and this week Savitar has come to ruin everyones’ lives, but mostly Wally’s. “The Wrath of Savitar” as an episode is one of those common ones where we have to stall for time until the big bad makes his grand final play in an attempt to destroy Barry. We set the table and now that Savitar is indeed free to run wild on earth Barry will hopefully learn all of his mistakes indeed have consequences. On the other side of things we have Wally attempting to prove his worth to the team, and Julian aiming to feel safe in his new life of being with Caitlin. While some material manages to work other parts still fall flat and uninspired.

As for what worked this week, while Savitar was definitely at the top of his game in terms of being menacing and manipulative. Now that we officially have a Savitar suit, which while looking clunky is still pretty cool we can finally have some more interesting scenes that Tom Felton owning being Savitar’s conduit. Watching him taunt Barry and work everyone in to playing his game was definitely fun, especially since we have not really had a villain manipulate Barry this way since Eobard. However, the way in which Eobard and Savitar differ is the fact that Savitar is playing on Barry’s fear of failing his friends. Savitar knows the way to truly destroy Barry is to take apart those he loves and now that everyone is beginning to drift away from him. It is helping to cement that there are indeed ramifications of Flashpoint and they will probably lead to Barry’s own crushing remorse.

This is what I think makes the season more touch and go fro everyone as even though it feels like nothing really happened we will look back and say how well thought out the season was. One of my personal biggest gripes was the idea that Flashpoint had a minimal amount of repercussions on the team and the entire universe. With the reveal that Barry had inadvertently created his own demise in the form of Flashpoint and has put into motion Savitar’s release things begin to get a lot more tense. Barry had assumed he had escaped any sort of real ramifications for his actions, but right here and now he has managed to begin destroying everyone he loves. It is absolutely brutal to watch Grant Gustin’s moment of realization and the idea Barry has doomed everyone around him. It really is a great scene and I can’t wait to see how this realization colors Barry’s choices in the future.

As for the other big star of the week Keiynan Lonsdale does some really good work with showing the struggle Wally is facing. Finally, Wally’s wish to be a speedster was revealed to be a double edge sword and he was merely Savitar’s pawn. I loved the way Wally was shown to be hating himself because he wasn’t fast enough, or smart enough to actually deal with the Savitar problem. The way that Savitar played Wally was perfect as he poked and prodded Wally’s insecurities in the worst possible way and thus sealed his fate. Add on that Wally is speed forced and you have a big huge question mark as to how he will recover from this trauma once he gets out. Is Wally going to be able to handle the idea that his speed is what causes his sister to die or will he rise up and be the hero we all know him to be.

The only part of the plot that really didn’t manage to stick for me was the Caitlin and Julian arc. At this point it seems really straight froward that Caitlin will become Killer Frost and it is just a matter of time. I don’t care how much Caitlin wants her powers gone, but she is a smart enough character to realize that messing with the big bad’s method of power will only end up biting her in the ass. I now am left counting the minutes until everything goes wrong for everyone.

Overall it was solid enough, but just not quite up to our standards

Final Grade C

+Savitar is a good imposing villain

+Wally had some great moments

+Barry feels ramifications of Flashpoint

-Wally had some really stupid moments

-No one really cared about Wally

-Caitlin/Julian stuff

-Lack of focus for the season only coming into play now

-Barry’s stupid way of attempting to manipulate the timeline

Extra Thoughts

-Next week everyone you love is back to give Barry shit as incarnations of the speedforce

-Seriously, how did Barry think secretly manipulating the timeline would go for him?

-Everytime Wally gets speed forced a little part of me dies.

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