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REVIEW: The Flash 3×18 “Abra Kadabra”

I guess its time to buckle in McFly, were going back to the future, in like a month. For now we get the introduction of one of Barry’s most well know adversaries, at least until he is brutally murdered off screen. “Abra Kadabra” is the last of the intros for the classic Rogues and boy does he know how to play to a crowd. Abra is a slightly better episode than that our intro to Mirror Master and The Top, but realistically there wasn’t a whole lot to do other than screw with Barry and make him suffer. Meanwhile we have the entire Cisco subplot and Caitlin had a nice arc as well, but really this was all set up for the race to the finish line. I am kind of bummed that we had to deal with a setup episode this late in the season, but man does whats to come look cool.

So, the big draw this week was definitely Abra Kadabra and boy was he exactly the right type of douchebag for the team to mess around with this week.  David Dastmalchian has the perfect mixture of Snart and Thawne in terms of an overconfident asshole and it works very well in the scope of the episode. Watching him play with Barry was great, but what was icing on the cake so to speak was the fact that he has always felt inferior to Barry’s other big name villains. For all the future tech and intellect Abra has never truly been able to hurt Barry in the same way as a Big Bad. For him to revel in the chance to destroy Barry and make hime feel a pain that he never has before was a nice solid twist on his story. It’s a shame Gypsy is going to murder the crap out of him because I would really like to see him team up with the rogues.

As for Gypsy and Cisco, boy did their plot completely run aground on CW island. I mean I get that Gypsy wants to kill Abra because he killed her partner, but there is no real reason why she couldn’t be with Cisco. It just felt like a very flimsy and not well organized way to break up the two characters when they seemed to be doing so well together. I do wonder If Cisco will truly get a win after tonight since he is now girlfriendless and down one friends thanks to Julian being a dumbass. Kind of not really the season of Cisco I was hoping for with all of this flashpoint shenanigans, but it still can end well for our heroes I assume.

Same goes for Barry and Joe, they had to know in their heart of hearts that there was no real way Abra was going to tell them who Savitar actually was. I mean I understand Joe and Barry’s idea, but a ton of decisions in the series seem to rest on the sole premise of our heroes being idiots. They could have just convinced Gypsy that they can’t let him go until they get a mind reader or some other meta to dig through and find out the secret. Instead Barry plays it by the book to the point where nothing they do actually has any real change on the overall plot. There simply should have been some way to get the info out of Abra other than playing into his hands. It was a risky maneuver that was way too much of a plot contrivance.

Same thing goes for the Caitlin plot which started out really cool, but ended up being another means to an end. I mean there are all these little dots on the board and the team seems perfectly happy to make them all a reality. I get the idea of the team being the authors of their own demise, but there had to be another way to make Caitlin into Killer Frost. This totally doesn’t take away from the badass factor of Caitlin having to direct Julian on how to perform surgery or the actual transformation into Killer Frost. There simply had to be a less sloppy way of going about having the villainess finally take her rightful place on the show. It wil certainly create an interesting plot when the show comes back as Barry is racing toward the future with no recourse to save his friend.

Overall it was a solid filler and buildup, but there were just way to many matters of convenience to let slide.

Final Grade C+

+Abra was a cool villain

+Killer Frost cometh

+Barry going to the future

-Barry and Joe giving into Abra

-Gypsy and Cisco plot

-Lazy way to make Killer Frost happen

Extra Thoughts

-I just want Future Barry’s costume now. It is what he should have always looked like

-DeVoe gets named dropped as one of Barry’s Big Bads. Season four will be the season of The Thinker

-HR was away this week because Tom Cavanaugh is directing the next episode. Completely didn’t notice until he walked in at the very end

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