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PRESS RELEASE: Men+Monsters And Ace Of Beasts Now On Kickstarter

Gay Monster Smut Comics’ Men+Monsters and Ace of Beasts now on Kickstarter!

Aero Zero is proud to announce the Kickstarter campaign for the second volume printing of the two most beloved consensual sexually explicit gay monster webcomics on the internet, Men+Monsters and Ace of Beasts. The campaign runs until May 5th.

Created, written and lovingly drawn by Aero Zero, Men+Monsters and Ace of Beasts are sexually explicit gay fantasy action-adventure webcomics set in a shared fictional world of men, feral monsters and monster people. Their fun, humorous and genuine character-driven stories have been praised by many readers, as is their positive and consensual depiction of polyamory as well as many kinds of sex and kinks.

“My comics are stories that I’ve wanted to tell for a long time,” says creator Aero Zero, creator of Men+Monsters. “I made strong diverse gay and pansexual men wearing detailed costumes, unique monsters, and narratives set in fantastically colorful worlds filled with kinky, healthy relationships. And it turns out people love Men+Monsters and Ace of Beasts for all those reasons and more, so I’m very happy to be creating comics that bring so much joy to people.”


The Kickstarter campaign is to print Ace of Beasts Volume 2 (108 pages) and Men+Monsters Volume 2 (120 pages). Both books will feature a gold foil accented cover, full color paperback printing, completely uncensored scenes and extra pin-ups inside. backer rewards include the slow-burn romance Ace of Beasts prequel Knight of Alanoc, a digital download of monster smut one-shots NECTAR and Guardian, and Ace of Beasts Volume 1‘s first edition paperback print comic.

Men+Monsters follows a teratophile knight, his monster lover, and their robot companion as they go on an adventure to mend the rift between monsters, humans and robots with every sword they have.

Men+Monsters Volume 2 contains chapters 4-6 of the webcomic, with adventures including our heroes visiting a town of robots who are opposed to the kinkiness they bring with them, a secret cove discovered near Monster Town which is more than it appears to be, and a silly end chapter where our heroes open a sex toy shop while an outside force threatens the town once again. The book contains scenes with monster sex, tentacles, some language, robot destruction, robot sex, vibrators, bondage gear, sex magic, and occasional meows from a cat man.


Ace of Beasts chronicles the journey of a swordsman, a demon, and a thief who seek to stop the powerful monster sorcerer who cursed them while they encounter erotic, dangerous monsters along the way.

Ace of Beasts Volume 2 follows our three djinni mercenaries going on a monster-hunting errand for a king, while finding romance with his most powerful knight. Old friends, new beasts and action and adventure unfold in this rather sweet chapter. The book contains scenes with bondage, centaurs, threesomes, orgies, fantasy violence, blood, some language, explicit smut, scenes of monster sex, a headless dullahan, prosthetic arms and legs, multiple dragon penises (on the same dragon), and bad puns.

About Aero Zero 

Aero Zero is the sole creator (artist, designer and writer) of Ace of BeastsMen+Monsters, and many other consensual erotic gay comics. They have worked in professional and freelance comics as a colorist and illustrator since 2012. Aero also runs the hub site for all their comics, Men Plus Monsters.

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