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REVIEW: Arrow 5×19 “Dangerous Liaisons”

You know, I really would have loved to be in the room when the writers were pitching the pivot for Felicity’s storyline this past season. I mean seriously, this is what Helix was leading to I would have preferred Ragman still being around and then being forced to sacrifice himself to save Felicity and Oliver from Prometheus next week. Even that would have been better than this arc that we are dealing with currently. “Dangerous Liaisons” really feels the pressure of not having our big bad be around, there is just so much that should be happening and yet it feels like nothing is happening at all. It just says so much that the best material this week did not involve Felicity or Oliver in any way and that all the side plots were way more interesting. Whether it is Lyla becoming more and more like Waller and Diggle not wanting to loose her, to Rene and Lance working to get Rene’s kid back. It was just infuriating that we had to spend so much more time with such a boring plot considering how great the past few episodes have been.

Let’s start with that A plot as Felicity attempted to justify her actions through saying she was doing nothing worse than something Oliver would do. Granted it is a somewhat valid point considering all of the shady shit we have seen Oliver do over the course of the show, but the point of her character is that she is supposed to be better. I realize she probably has blinders on due to Billy and all the shit Adrian has put them through, but the fact she is committing full on treason should be enough for her to reevaluate her situation. There really is no going back from what she did tonight and Oliver and the team shouldn’t simply let her run amok when it is putting everyone in danger. I mean Diggle has constantly called Ollie on his bullshit in an attempt to keep him in check, yet everyone is using the kid gloves for some reason.

On the other hand you have the material with Lyla and Diggle which works surprisingly well as a counter point. We have known about Diggle’s fear that Lyla would become like Waller, and here it just manages to work extremely well within the confines of the plot. Diggle is in a lot of ways the true moral compass of the team as he has similar experiences to Oliver but is still a good man at his core. So to see his wife make the same mistakes that drove them apart in the first place only with much more serious repercussions makes this much sadder. We know these are good people, flawed and scared by their decisions sure, but they are still good at their core. I really just want to know if Lyla will change at all given she knows what is at stake for her family and those around her.

However, the real MVP’s of this episode are the surprising duo of Lance and Rene who have really been great in all of their scenes in this back half. It was a simple plan to have them work tighter to try to get Rene’s kid back, but it just added so much to have Lance talk about the importance of being a father. Paul Blackthorne really nailed the moment of show where he explains why a father has to be involved in their child’s life. I mean think of how many times Lance has had to watch his children die only for them to come to somehow come back. It was just a beautiful scene and to couple it with Rene getting to see his daughter and decide to fight for custody was really powerful. I could watch an entire episode of the two of them and it would have easily better than the entire A plot.

That’s kind of it, I mean I wish there was more, something to truly elevate this episode to make up for all the Helix stuff we are apparently throwing to the side. At this point though the more Prometheus we get the better.

Final Grade C

+Lance and Rene plot

+Diggle and Lyla plot

-Everything involving Helix

-Felicity committing treason and no one cares

-Lack of flashbacks

-Lack of Prometheus

Extra Thoughts

-I will never tire of Rene calling Lance “Hoss” now we know how much it annoys him.

-T Spheres still great even when Curtis is not.

-Is it symbolic that Ollie will be dragging Felicity around next week or simply ironic?

-I really miss Ragman. I really hope he comes back.

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