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6 Ways Black Lightning Should Tie into the Flarrowverse

The newest TV show set with a DC Universe property is the upcoming Black Lightning.  For those of you that don’t know, Black Lightning (Jefferson Pierce, who will be played by Cress Williams)is an African-American metahuman superhero.  In the comics, his powers actually developed when he created a device to allow him large electric charges activated his meta-gene. In his civilian life, he was a high school teacher in Metropolis’s Suicide Slum (Metropolis’s equal to Gotham’s Crime Alley). In addition, Black Lightning has been in the Outsiders and the Justice League of America teams over the years. He is close allies with Batman and Superman and eventually both of his daughters (Lightning and Thunder:  side note, they will be in the show but not as heroes yet) become superheroes in their own right. 

The show will be on the CW, but  it is not going to be in the Arrowverse.  But here are some ways that they should tie it in to the Arrowverse/Flarrowverse, if the executives at DC, Warner Brothers and the CW change their minds.

6. Metahumans


The particle accelerator explosion at Star Labs, part of Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash’s master plan to get back to his time, set off all events of The Flash, impacted Arrow and produced members of the Legends. This could be the way to give Black Lightning his powers and effectively tie him into the Flarrowverse. The fact that Earth-2 in the Arrowverse also had a particle accelerator explosion could very well mean that it was a constant event across the multiverse. Therefore, even if Black Lightning won’t be set on Earth-1 or any of the other Earths seen thus far, it could still be the event that gives Jefferson Pierce his powers.   

5. Multiverse


In the event that the CW decides to expand the Flarrowverse’ Multiverse, the best place for Black Lightning to take place would be Earth-38, home to Supergirl.  Since Black Lightning’s story tied into Metropolis so tightly, it would be nice to see the Metropolis of Supergirl in comparison to National City. There are also Metahumans on Earth-38, just not so aptly named as such. There can be even a cameo of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman. (Even though, I think everyone prefers Henry Cavill’s Superman). Black Lightning is more a street-level hero so the two heroes wouldn’t get in the way of each other.

Or it can be set on another new Earth in the Arrowverse multiverse.  Earth-1 is cluttered with heroes.  Earth-38 has like three heroes (Superman, Supergirl, and Guardian).  But it would also be nice to see a new Earth in the multiverse.



On Earth-1, ARGUS is the predominant organization to deal with Metahumans and aliens. On Earth-38, the DEO is in charge of it. Both are the like DC’s less cool version of Marvel’s SHIELD (SHIELD is far more well-known and interesting thanks to the MCU). Wherever they set Black Lightning, you can bet that ARGUS or DEO will get wind of his activities and definitely monitor him to assess him either as a threat or an ally. This is kind of blah way to tie Black Lightning’s story into the Flarrowverse, but it’s the second easiest way and could definitely be paired with numbers 5 and 6 of this list. I mean, these two organizations are constants–or even better they can introduce the Department of Metahuman Operations (DMO), because it seems like a good fit for Black Lightning.

3. Cities/Fictional


The questions of the day—are there Earth-1 versions of Metropolis, Gotham and National City?  In addition, are there Earth-38 versions of Central City, Keystone City, and Star City? It’s not really talked about in any of the shows. Batman and Gotham are referenced in both The Flash and Supergirl very small ways that if you weren’t paying attention, you’d miss it. And obviously Superman exists in Supergirl and not The Flash or Arrow, but that doesn’t mean that Metropolis (without Superman) doesn’t exist on Earth-1.  Perhaps, Black Lightning could answers these questions and therefore, connect the show to the Flarrowverse. It’s less overt than the others, but it could work.  Or the show could be set in a new city, which no one should be opposed.

2. Villains


We all know that villains like to travel around, causing more than one hero problems.  We’ve seen it in crossover episodes with The Flash and Arrow. Any villains not dispatched by Team Arrow or Team Flash either by imprisonment or death could very well wind up as an enemy of the new hero Black Lightning. Considering that the League of Assassins is a world-wide organization with plenty of operatives and assassins, it might be one of the better ways to incorporate Black Lightning.. But since it’s not going to happen and we still don’t know much about Black Lightning, the show, there can be villains that are from other heroes’ rogue’s galleries that haven’t gotten any screen time on the CW to be against Black Lightning. I’m hoping for a good villain.

1. Introduction in The Flash or Arrow or Supergirl


It is my hope that before we get the pilot, minds are changed and they put Black Lightning in the Arrowverse. The best thing to do to tie in Black Lightning would be a fall mid-season premiere with the first episode/introduction episode in the 4th Season of The Flash or the 6th Season of Arrow.  Using any and all of the points of his listicle, Black Lightning could have a nicely tied in place in the Flarrowverse one way or another.

My bet it would be the easiest to introduce him in The Flash, depending on where the end of Season 3 puts the characters, but Black Lightning could fit into Arrow too (but since I don’t want Arrow regularly to understand everything going on, I can’t be certain). In other words, Black Lightning should totally be introduced in The Flash. It also could premiere as an episode on the third season of Supergirl.  I think that it could work out well as well.

These are all the ways that I think that the CW should tie the new show, Black Lightning into the Flarrowverse. It’ll be interesting to see how they go about the character and the show and what kind of supporting cast Black Lightning will have, without the context of the rest of the Arrowverse clogging it up. Teams are important, considering that there’s Team Flash, Team Arrow, Team Supergirl, and Team Legends, with Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl and arguably, Sara Lance, as the heads of the superhero teams. I really hope that they do a good job with this show. It’ll be nice to have an African-American superhero lead in DC (with his superhero support team consisting of himself and his two daughters is my hope).

How might you think Black Lightning could tie into the Flarrowverse? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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