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REVIEW: Arrow 5×21 “Honor Thy Fathers”

So I am just going to ask the question, where the hell is William? I mean after the buildup of last week you would think we actually get to see what Adrian has planed for the kid but it seems like we will have to wait a week until Adrian goes full Hannibal Lecter. So, “Honor Thy Fathers” is one of those weird episodes as it was playing on a lot of past reveals and the history of the show rather than dropping new information. Tiny details like how Ollie had a boat actually find him rather than it being an accident, Robert murdering the councilman, how Deathstroke’s mask got on the pike in the premier, and some other nice details all were finally made clear. It was just weird that the best material of the episode was not front and center but rather provided by the flashbacks. Just bizarre, but really in a good way.

So lets talk about all of the blank spots that were filled in by this weeks flashbacks. Anatoli left Oliver on the island with the plan he would be picked up in about two days. Also Ollie staged the island in such a way that people would believe he was stranded there for five whole years rather than like two and a quarter. On a sheer level of planning you have to give Oliver some real credit. The fact he knew no one would reasonably understand why he didn’t return after two years is understandable, also Anatoli’s quip about the island having a barber was a solid touch. I am however wondering what the hell Kovar has planned for Ollie other than simple murderous revenge. There are only so many routes we can take and we know that all of them end up with Oliver on a boat in a few days.

Unfortunately for the rest of the episode it was kind of a stalling point as we were forced to watch Ollie and the team chase after a one off villain in hopes of catching Chase. I mean there was a really cool set up of all of Chase’s convictions being overturned, but then it was thrown to the wayside in favor of this singular plot. We could have easily had Oliver and the team be hunting down the all of the recently released and attempting to put their house in order. It was just strange to watch Chase who plans everything to a fault attempt to emulate his dead father’s plan to poison people. It didn’t feel personal or like it actually meant anteing to Oliver, it just felt like a cheap way to tie into the episode’s theme of fathers.

Even this episodes big plot point, Oliver and Thea learning about how Robert accidentally killed a man just managed to fall flat. I mean it’s not because the material wasn’t good, it was just a matter of Thea having not been around for a while. I mean both Ollie and Thea know that there parents were not models of virtue so I don’t really understand why it would be a shock for them to find out their dad accidentally killed a man. It also goes against the theme of the season as Oliver is trying to forge is own identity absent of his fathers original mission. I mean the moment at the end o the episode basically sealed that Oliver is indeed his own man and no matter what evidence chase tries to present to him, it doesn’t really matter now. Even Thea has prided herself on separating herself from her parents legacy. Whether it be Moira, Robert, or Merlyn, Thea Queen is indeed her own women for better or worse the information she learned tonight should not change her.

As for the rest of the team, I mean Rene lost custody of his kid so that kind of sucks but overall it feel much more in line with Prometheus torturing the team in horrible ways. I mean now that Prometheus is indeed locked up I just want to see how Talia and the rest of Team Prometheus manage to ruin Oliver’s life. I am really hoping it will at least be fun to watch play out until we get to the big final fight.

Overall it was just an ok episode that should have been a hell of a lot more interesting. Oh well, I look forward to Hannibal Chase.

Final Grade B-

+Prometheus being back

+Island flashbacks explaining a lot

+Ok action

-Thea and Ollie being surprised about Robert killing a guy

-Lack of pay off for the 36 violent offenders released

-Stardust was a lame call back

-Rene losing custody of his kid

Extra Thoughts

-I am really hoping Barry now runs into Adrian next week. They haven’t met face to face yet.

-I also completely forgot about Vigilante, whatever happened to him after he tried to snipe Oliver?

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