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REVIEW: The Flash 3×20 “I Know Who You Are”

On tonight’s episode of Occam’s razor, the simplest solution is often correct one. So yeah, “I Know Who You Are” finally revealed Savitar’s identity to the world and as it turns out it was basically who we thought it was all along. Oh we also got a pretty cool Killer Frost storyline and some fun exploration of how Cisco feels about using his powers If anything this episode was the payoff we have been waiting for all season with everything coming to a head and we get to see why Savitar has put all of this effort into destroying Barry. He is completely different from Thawne, Hunter, or any of our major recurring villains thus far. There is a firm rhyme and  reason as to why Savitar is aiming to kill Iris and now all we have to do is sit back and watch the repercussions of whats to come.

So yeah turns out we are adapting a plot line I thought was going to be for season four or something and Savitar is indeed Future Barry. He has become incredibly screwed up and damaged most likely due to all the timeline fucking and now all of Barry’s mistakes have come home to roost. It the comics Wally was the one who gets killed and Iris is the one in the wheelchair so it should have been more obvious last week. It will definitely be fun to see what has caused this Barry to become Savitar and decide killing Iris and how Grant Gustin plays this version of himself. It also raises questions about who exactly this “Barry” is considering how many times our Barry has rewritten the timeline for personal gain or information. I mean we have pre-flashpoint, the timeline where Pied Piper is a good guy, the one where a tidal wave destroys Central City, one of the many futures Rip and the team have effected. Any one of these Barry’s has a good reason to hate our hero, I just want to know which one.

While we were waiting to meet our Evil Barry we also got to meet an entirely new character Tracy Brand played by Anne Dudek. As for her introduction it is a fun angle to take having a character who everyone knows will be amazing and have her be a bumbling goof. Sure it’s not super original, but she manages to do something no other character has done this season, give HR a real plot line. I mean Gypsy was supposed to be about HR but she turned into a fun Cisco foil, Tracy actually plays off HR’s insecurities and manages to elevate them. HR has unfortunately been the weakest of the Wells’ but having Tracy as a reflection of his potential was a great touch. I do hope her character gets fleshed out to be more than HR’s romantic foil and into the substantial genius she is supposed to be, but for know I am willing to work with what we have.

As for Killer Frost, thank god she is finally here and Caitlin got to be a true badass. Having her fight the team as well as herself was a bit on the nose but it was worth it to see Killer Frost cut loose. I love the fact that Frost has all of Caitlin’s memories and is using them to put the team off balance. It was a great detail to have her remember which leg she stabbed Barry in last time only to do it again so the pain would be horrible. This is the Caitlin we have been waiting to see for over a year now and it is truly paying off by getting to watch Danielle Panabaker be truly evil. I am interested to see how long her sense of remorse remains and if there is any bit of the Caitlin we know still inside her at all. Also how cool was it to see her go all Iceman against Barry and create ice bridges around the city.

With Cisco, his plot was also above average even though it was a little bit confusing. I mean I understand his apprehension at fighting Caitlin and wanting to save her, but he has also fought plenty of people with his vibes before without worrying about the idea they could possibly be killed. It was a nice little arc but I would have preferred that this had been dealt with earlier in the season that a few episodes away from our big Vibe/Killer Frost Fight. I also hope that next time Cisco will indeed be able to go all out against Killer Frost since we now know a possibility is that he will lose his hands.

Overall this was definitely a step in the right direction for the show in the back half. Now let’s just hope Evil Barry is able to show us how our hero could become him.

Final Grade A-

+Savitar finally being revealed

+Killer Frost being awesome

+Nice character development for HR

+Cisco being afraid of hurting Caitlin

-Cisco just now having the yips

-Tracy feels one dimensional

Extra Thoughts

-So no one in Jitters management has an issue with naming a drink after a psychotic serial killer? Ok then.

-Hey Evil Barry, how’d you get those scars?

-Wally was off on Earth-3 with Jesse this week, I suppose just having super speed sex and fighting bad guys. Sounds rad.

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