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REVIEW: The Flash 3×22 “Infantino Street”

So, lets see if this one actually sticks or if Barry or someone decides to screw the timeline one last time for the sake of good. As we approach the season finale we are basically right where we left off last season, Barry suffering an immense loss at the hands of our villain and willing to do basically anything in order to stop the pain and sadness e has experience. I mean we all root for Barry to get the win but this is just brutal to watch after all of the planning and effort the team has put in to try to stop this future. The question now becomes whats next for the team as this is so much different from when Henry was killed last year. Everyone had a personal stake in watching this all play out and now the pain of losing one of their will hopefully have real ripples throughout the team moving forward.

Yeah, Iris is currently dead which really makes things both kind of suck and also very interesting. Being such a main component of Team Flash and the love of Barry’s life has definitely meant something as now we are left to wonder how certain characters will react. Will Joe want to just put a bullet in Savitar and have it be the end of everything, Will any member of the West clan actually be able to look at Barry without imagining the man who kill one of their own. Will Cisco and HR be able to live with the fact they basically abandoned Barry in his moment of need. Of course the biggest question, what happens if Barry runs back in time to save Iris? We have already seen flashpoint but this could be so much worse and have so many more ramifications for the world as a whole. Especially once Savitar makes his big transformation into a full on god.

Event with the massive heartbreak of watching Iris get killed there was plenty of fun material in pushing Barry to his limits in order to save her. Wentworth Miller is always welcome as Captain Cold and here he makes the most of Snart being a sort of off kilter moral compass. It is nice that we get to see Snart towards the end of his run with the legends and the fact he accepts the quirks of being a good too shoes. It was especially great watching Snart prod Barry in fun ways to make Barry believe he had some sort of illusion of free will. Snart is right at the end where Barry makes Snart a better person and Snart makes Barry all the more cunning. It also manages to remind Barry that no matter the consequences there are only so many lines you can be willing to cross. Snart despite all of his grandstanding understands the reason Barry chose him and not some other villain or thug, at the end of the day Snart will always make sure Barry is the good guy because he can’t be Captain Cold if Barry isn’t The Flash.

There were also plenty of great Iris moments as she was sent to Earth 2 with Joe and Wally in order to keep her safe. It was not a subtle moment but Iris and Joe’s confessional was a thing of beauty and made me so happy. For what may indeed be their last conversation ever it was great to have everything left on the table. Both Jesse L Martin and Candice Patton manage to excel with the material they were given. Reminiscing about all of the lies they have told and how those moments have helped to bring them together. It felt like a true and pure family moment and made me respect what was going on all the more.

Even the Savitar moment which usually feel slightly out of place managed to work better mostly thanks to Grant Gustin’s portrayal of the villain. It is kind of infuriating that we didn’t get to learn more about the villain before these last few episodes as this material would have played a whole lot better during the mid point of the season. It would have allowed us time to grow with the villain rather than just be forced to respect his villainy.  Granted his scene into dating Joe and Iris was pretty great, I just wanted to see that earlier rather than now.

The only material which really didn’t work was when HR was just messing around with Tracy. It just didn’t feel right considering there were only about twelve hours until Iris’ murder. I know that HR is supposed to the be the light and wacky comic relief but there is a time and a place for everything. Luckily the end where HR recognized his mistake really added some depth to the character as well as his and Cisco’s relationship. Unfortunately it seems to be too little to late as he will probably sacrifice himself to bring Iris back. It just seems like a foregone conclusion at this point which I am slightly ok with. I am looking forward to a possible new Well’s next season who is a solid mix of Harry and HR.

Overall it was a really good episode, I just hope the finale can stick the landing.

Final Grade B+

+Barry failing to prevent the future

+Iris and Joe scene

+Savitar material with Joe and Caitlin

+Snart being great

-Savitar development feels too little too late

-HR material felt wonky given the tone of the episode.

Extra Thought’s

-So, Cheetah is/was a member of the Suicide Squad. CW I am waiting for Wonder Woman to appear somehow. Even a passing mention.

-Not a whole lot of King Shark but him growing his hand back was super cool.

-Snart had so many good one liners, but the best was “If Cisco saves me I will put in a good word with my sister for him.” I just miss Golden Glider.

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