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AP2HYC TV Awards 2017 – Biggest Damn Male Hero

Summer is officially here, which means the primary television season has come to a close. The season brought with it the return of beloved superheroes, a heckuvalot of robots, and enough villains to make our heads spin. To celebrate another year of awesome, nerdy, super television, AP2HYC is hosting our third annual TV Awards! After months spent reviewing and recapping your (and our!) favorite shows, the AP2HYC writers have selected the best of the best to compete for victory in the 2017 TV Awards. Be sure to cast your votes in each category, and check back to find out which of your favorite shows, characters, and crews will come out on top!

Everyone’s holding out for a hero. Whether they have superpowers, brawn, or just good, old-fashioned smarts, heroes come in many guises. This lot routinely risk life and limb – and sometimes more – to protect others and the worlds they inhabit. But who is the biggest damn hero of them all?

Barry Allen – The Flash


Super speed, good vibrations, and a fetching maroon jumpsuit. But Barry met his biggest challenge this season – a twisted version of himself – and is paying the price for creating Flashpoint.

Danny Rand – Iron Fist


Not unlike another billionaire superhero we might mention, Danny sometimes has it tough, balancing his crime-busting duties with his family legacy, and facing the demons of his childhood and his parents’ violent deaths.

David Haller – Legion


A different kind of superhero, David’s skills are mistaken for madness, and his abilities put those around him in jeopardy more often than not. Overcoming his own fears, and navigating his way through a nightmarish world where he can never be sure what’s real, Haller is a vulnerable and relatable hero for our times.

Leo Fitz – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Adorably awkward and whip-smart, Fitz is a very human hero whose brains and loyalty to the woman he loves render him capable of superhuman feats. Whether it be jumping through a hole in the universe or skirting around authority, Fitz has proven time and again that he’s one Mark-suit away from being an Avenger.

Luke Cage – Luke Cage


A reluctant superhero in Harlem, Luke Cage is cool and fun, but the socio-political importance of a bulletproof black man as the show lead should not be overlooked.

Oliver Queen – Arrow


Reformed playboy billionaire turned vigilante archer has been watching over the citizens of Starling City for five seasons now. Another hero with a troubled past, Queen dishes the smack to bad guy with dealing with his demons.

Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead


After years of surviving in increasingly desperate situations, it looked like Rick Grimes’ spirit was finally broken by Negan’s baseball bat this year. But vengeance, his children, and a burgeoning romance brought him back from the brink, and Rick’s innate heroism has been rekindled.

Sam and Dean Winchester – Supernatural

Supernatural -- "Thin Lizzie" -- Image SN1105a_0002 -- Pictured (L-R) Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Sam and Dean Winchester are pretty much inseparable, and draw their heroic mettle from their brotherly bond. They’ve been saving the world for twelve years now, beating monsters, Lucifer, and even Death himself to keep humanity – and each other – safe.

Which of these dashing dudes was the most heroic of them all? Be sure to cast your vote below and check back later to see who came out on top of the pack!

Voting has ended. Check out the victors of the 2017 TV Awards!

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