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AP2HYC TV Awards 2017 – Most Kick-Ass Female

Summer is officially here, which means the primary television season has come to a close. The season brought with it the return of beloved superheroes, a heckuvalot of robots, and enough villains to make our heads spin. To celebrate another year of awesome, nerdy, super television, AP2HYC is hosting our third annual TV Awards! After months spent reviewing and recapping your (and our!) favorite shows, the AP2HYC writers have selected the best of the best to compete for victory in the 2017 TV Awards. Be sure to cast your votes in each category, and check back to find out which of your favorite shows, characters, and crews will come out on top!

Let’s hear it for the girls! It’s been a pretty good year for the female superhero, but not every bad-ass woman in TV has superpowers. These women prove that strength comes in many forms, and that when it comes to dishing out pain to bad guys and saving the world, these sisters really are doing it for themselves.

Bill Potts (Doctor Who)


The Doctor’s new companion stole our hearts from day one, with her humour, her compassion, and her disarming honesty. Bill’s strength is her kindness, and she’s already proven herself willing to sacrifice herself for others more than once.

Colleen Wing – Iron Fist


The first of our katana-brandishing women, Colleen combines the combative discipline of the Samurai with a private dick’s powers of deduction in one awesomesauce package.

Daisy Johnson – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Whether she’s teaming up with Ghost Rider or taking down LMDs, Daisy Johnson can literally make the earth move under your feet! She’s also an ace marksman and all but unstoppable in hand-to-hand combat. It doesn’t get much more kick-ass than that!

Madame Gao – Daredevil and Iron Fist


She might not be good, but the mysterious Madame Gao can certainly teach the younger generation a thing or two about kicking some serious butt. A drug linchpin with unnaturally long life, Gao makes Don Corleone look like a total wuss.

Maeve Millay – Westworld


Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman. But that’s nothing to compared to finding out you’re not one. Existential crises don’t come much bigger that Maeve’s, and this mother, fighter, and robot sex worker demonstrated stratospheric levels of bad-assery to regain control of her destiny.

Mary Winchester – Supernatural


She may have made some dubious decisions in her time, but Mama Winchester was determined to make up for her past mistakes. Thirty years in the grave didn’t seem to have dulled her finely honed hunting skills, and she proved willing to sacrifice herself for her sons and the world this season. How many moms do you know who’d take on the devil single-handedly?

Michonne – The Walking Dead

Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Another katana, another kick-ass lady. Michonne has gone from silent killer to wise leader. When she’s not slicing and dicing zombies, she’s now a lover and surrogate mother too.

Tulip O’Hare – Preacher


You probably shouldn’t trust her as far as you could spit, but there’s no denying Tulip is one hell of a woman. With a penchant for classic cars and a particular man of God, and a thirst for revenge, Ms. O’Hare could probably break every bone in your body and look amazing while doing it.

Which leading-lady displayed the most badassery this year? Be sure to cast your vote below!

Voting has ended. Check out the victors of the 2017 TV Awards!

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