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Kickstarter Korner 27/6/17: Zombie Fabulous, Toothville, Declaration: The Bug War, The Jacket, Adventures In Science, Seasons, Blister

It’s that time again! Here is this week’s round up of featured Kickstarter campaigns, just for you!

1: Zombie Fabulous #3


Zombie Fabulous throws its decaying hat back into the ring and returns to Kickstarter with its third and final installment, Zombie Fabulous #3: Mary: Sacred Heart of Motor City. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Zombie Fabulous it’s about Zombie Cher and Zombie Aretha Franklin (no, seriously it is) as they embark on a quest to find a cure for that pesky undeadness (really a word) they’ve been living with. Ahh…so many jokes in that sentence.

The creative team behind Zombie Fabulous consists of Stephen Hines (writer) and Aaron Lindeman (artwork) and they’ve got plenty of bone-chilling rewards for those who pledge their money (and souls), such as bumperstickers, questionably sacrilegious rosary beads and t-shirts!

Want more zombie action? Check out the official Zombie Fabulous Kickstarter campaign!

2: Toothville #2


Everyone knows that all kids love the Tooth Fairy. Why, just this past week I painstakingly removed a few of my own teeth and left them under my pillow. The Tooth Fairy hasn’t show up yet but surely she’s just late, right guys?

::smiles grotesquely::

Toothville is back with its second issue on Kickstarter! This one is for all you sugar junkies out there, as protagonist Tilda Hillfairy will stop at nothing to rot your teeth! That’s right gang, Toothville takes the idea of the Toothfairy and turns it on its tiara wearing head! When scientist Johann Dipplurger creates a toothpaste that will rid the world of tooth decay forever, it’s up to Tilda to travel to Earth and put an end to his evil ways…or, is it the other way around?

The creative team behind Toothville are Kim Roberts (writer), Chris Allen (colors and letters) and Denis Pacher (art). The campaign has a ton of rewards for those who pledge such as copies of the first issue (for you slackers out there), art prints, shot glasses and even a drink dispenser! That means that now you can drink some fruit juice while you read! So what are you waiting for? Go check out the official Kickstarter today!

3: Declaration: The Bug War #1


Making its debut on Kickstarter is Declaration: The Bug War. This is a good one for all you gaming enthusiasts out there since it is directly connected to game called Era: The Consortium. Building upon a universe containing 500 years of history, Declaration: The Bug War tells the story of Hai-Xang Hayden, who is a central character in what is known as “The Bug War.” The story has plenty of alien action as well as political intrigue, and should keep even the most seasoned sci-fi readers satisfied.

Writers Ed Jowett and Johnathan Lewis team up with Brian Brinlee (pencils and inks) and Sathit Kaew (colors) to flesh out a massive universe in this first installment of The Bug War, and there are also some nice stretch goals to unlock! Those who pledge can get copies of the script as well as sneak peaks at upcoming stories, and can even get a copy of the next issue when it is released!

Check out Declaration: The Bug War at the official Kickstarter campaign and donate today!

4: The Jacket: Volume 1


In The Jacket: Volume 1 we meet Colton Emerson, who has discovered that a seemingly normal jacket gives him super-powered abilities whenever he wears it. Of course the pesky government doesn’t like people having all kinds of crazy (and awesome) powers, so Colton’s little discovery makes him public enemy numero uno. Yes friends, in the world of The Jacket anyone can become super-powered as long as they find that one very special, but also ordinary and every day item that unlocks their full potential. Say, does that mean that the fork sticking out of the electrical outlet holds the key to my true power? Only one way to find out!

Writer Jason Biamonte and artist Randy Haldeman are offering some pretty sweet rewards over at the Kickstarter campaign such as having your name in the book as a contributor, a Spotify playlist and even a video call with the creative team!

Hurry on down the the official Kickstarter campaign and get your own copy of The Jacket: Volume 1!

5: Adventures In Science

Oh yes. Anytime our friends over at Dead Canary Comics are gearing up for a new release I salivate from the mouth. I mean, where else would I salivate from? Adventures in Science is an anthology with ten different stories that explore the zany and often dangerous possibilities of humankind’s future! War, futuristic prison systems, insanity and being a single woman in the future are just some of the high octane themes being tackled in this treasure trove of science fiction goodness!

The team working on Adventures in Science is an absolute powerhouse. Let’s just say the illustrious Shaky Kane is involved. Yeah, that’s right. Shaky Kane. There are many other spectacular creators featured here, so you’ll want to head on over to the Kickstarter for more information. Here is a handy link.

Stretch goals? You betcha! If lots of people pledge to Adventures in Science, everyone will get some bonus stories. You want those extra stories right? Then help spread the word!

6: Seasons Volume 1: Spring


Get your slice of life drama with Seasons, a four part series that follows Fletcher Harris through some of the defining moments of his life. Told in four parts named after the seasons, the series deals the ups and downs of life and how people view themselves and the world around them. If you’re looking for some seriously deep stuff, this book is for you. There are also some supernatural elements involved, and Fletcher’s powers change along with the seasons. Winter = freeze breath? Eh, maybe not but you get the picture.

The creative team for Seasons are writer Nandor Fox Shaffer and artist Anthony Gonzales Clark, and everything from the story to the artwork is fantastic. There are plenty of rewards on the Kickstarter such as hardcover editions, original artwork and even yourself drawn right into the book (yes you!)!

For more information about Seasons visit the official Kickstarter campaign!

7: Blister


If you are an aging (or otherwise) punk rock fan like yours truly, then Blister should be right up your alley. Protagonist Blister is just your ordinary teenage punk rocker dealing with the usual teenage problems; girls, school and what have you, but there is also the most important issue of them all: is he punk enough?

Eric J. Cockrell takes readers on a ride through the rebellious years and studies the merits of punk rock in Blister. You can check out a preview of the book over at the official Kickstarter campaign, and there are some cool rewards too! Those who pledge can get an audio version of the book, an MP3 of the song “Band Hand” by none other than Blister himself and a replica gig poster to hang up next to those old Hit Parader pictures you still have tacked to your wall.

Are you running a Kickstarter for a comic book? Want to be featured in the Kickstarter Korner? Email Kaptain Kickstarter (that’s me!) at [email protected]!

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