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6 Reasons To Get Excited for the Defenders

Only a couple more months and we’ll have a new MCU-Netflix show to gush over—The Defenders will be out in August. The Defenders is basically Netflix’s Avengers Assemble. The show is surrounding the four main heroes of the MCU shows on Netflix — Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist as they team-up to face the ancient and evil organiSation The Hand. There are a lot of reasons why we all can’t wait to see the show, but I’ve narrowed it to six reasons why you should be excited for The Defenders!

6. Team Dynamics


One of the things that I’m looking forward to seeing is the team coming together, despite their differences and hang-ups. From what I read, Jessica and Matt are going to clash a lot on one side. Danny and Luke, on the other hand, get off to a rocky start and who knows if their friendship will develop into what it’s like the in comics. I can see a lot of scoffing and groaning from the older three over Danny’s…optimism. The whole idea of the Defenders will get off to a rocky start like the Avengers, but eventually they will come together to face the Hand, come hell or high-water.

5. Fight Scenes

hallway fight

Blind martial artists with super-senses Daredevil? Immortal User of the Iron Fist? Super-strength imbued hard-ass detective? Man with unbreakable skin? From the trailer, we can see them already coordinating their fighting styles in the hallway scene. However, I expect the group to not work as well together at first, because of their differing fighting styles. I mean, Luke would be like a shield for the others; Jessica and Matt want to end fights quickly; and Danny, well, is hot-headed and young. Given that the whole 8-episodes will take place over a two-day period, it’s not a lot of wiggle room, but I suspect that the Defenders’ combined skills will make them adapt better than we imagined.

4. Stick


I loved Stick in Daredevil. Yeah, he’s an asshole to young Matt and Matt doesn’t quite forgive him. Stick is a soldier in a never-ending battle against the Hand and he’s been doing it for a long time. I like the idea that he’s the one that will make them get their shit together, along with Claire Temple. Stick trained Matt and I’m sure that he’ll have a lot to say about teamwork and meshing their fighting styles together to beat the Hand.

3. Humour


It’s Marvel, so I expect Jessica Jones to quip some amazing one-liners at the expense of the guys. Jessica’s one-liners are very sardonic and bordering on rude, but you got to love them. Matt’s not the quipping or joking type while Daredevil, but maybe working with a team might bring out that classic Murdock charm we see when he’s hanging with Foggy. Danny does seem to me to get a lot humor (it going over his head or some such). Luke will just be incredulous at it all, being the most reluctant of the bunch to be a hero.

2. Heroes for Hire


Depending on how the Defenders goes, if they progress Danny and Luke’s friendship to the point that they will start thinking about Heroes for Hire, I’m on board. Jessica, Misty and Colleen would be members of Heroes for Hire too. Not sure that Matt would be on board, but Heroes for Hire might be an interesting series and be the best place to put Danny Rand, considering the blah-ness of Iron Fist.

1. Defenders v. the Hand


As it will only be 8-episodes, I don’t even know if they are going to defeat the Hand. The team might cripple it, but I think the Hand will always make a comeback like HYDRA. The ultimate clash between the Defenders and the Hand, especially with the mysterious Alexandra at the helm of the group, hopefully will be as epic as I think it will be. I expect that there will be casualties because they are fighting in the middle of NYC, and that will cause problems for the heroes later I’m sure. It has to be awesome.

There you have it, these are why you should be excited about The Defenders. It’ll be out in August 2017, so check it out when it’s released!

What do you think? What are you excited to see in The Defenders? Are you happy that we’re getting another superhero team in the MCU? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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