PodCapers Ep. 24: Top Tips for Comic Con with David Molofsky

As this is the time of year when conventions are in full swing, Scott is joined by AP2HYC Editor-In-Cape David Molofsky to give you Capers some handy dandy tips for surviving and thriving at cons. They’re mostly along the lines of “Don’t be weird and disrespectful”, but it’s still worth listening to.

Check out David’s original article, Kit’s Video, and the AP2HYC Store!

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Patreon Shoutout – 01:00

Tip No. 7 – 07:58

Tip No. 6 – 10:32

Tip No. 5 – 15:58

Tip No. 4 – 20:26

Tip No. 3 – 27:02

Tip No. 2 – 33:52

Tip No. 1 – 36:39

Tips for Press/Behind the Table – 49:18

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