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Review: Preacher 2×10 “Dirty Little Secret”

Things got a little Meta this week, as Preacher cast All American Rejects front-man, Tyson Ritter, as Jesus Christ in an episode entitled “Dirty Little Secret”, a nod to one of the band’s biggest hits. And a rather sweet, vulnerable Messiah he made too (although he was another in a long line of pale skinned, blue eyed Jesuses – ancient Jerusalem was very white according to Hollywood -) Yes, it was revealed in the cold open, that instead of praying in Gethsemane after the Last Supper, our Lord and Saviour was actually losing his virginity to a married woman he’d met down the market. Scandalous! On discovering the Son of Man in the naked stranger’s house, one of the disciples, Thaddeus, vowed to keep the tryst a secret, and thus the organization known as The Grail was established. Needless to say, Jesus’s baby momma didn’t get to see her son grow up, and the bloodline of Christ had been kept secured in a secret location for the next twenty five generations.

It took Jesse a little while to discover this, having been coerced into a little road trip by new pal, Herr Starr. Revealing that The Grail knew for a fact that God was last seen in New Orleans and that it orchestrated the cover up of his disappearance by hiring the unfortunate actor to play the missing deity, Starr took Custer to meet the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury, who had conflicting theories about the vanishing. The Head of the COE believed God was hiding from an army of treacherous Seraphim, while the His Holiness thought He’d taken Himself off to work on a new creation.

Frustrated by the lack of new information, Jesse used Genesis to force Herr Starr into taking him to meet Jesus’s descendant. But in a deliciously warped development, humanity’s greatest hope was a catastrophically inbred man by the name of Humperdoo, a moniker which had been bestowed upon him for reasons which soon became clear. This explained Herr Starr’s disenchantment with his work. The world’s best kept secret was also its biggest disappointment. Starr tried to persuade Jesse to ditch his efforts to find God and harness the power of Genesis to become His replacement. The preacher seemed horrified at the heinous suggestion at first, but it surely won’t be long before Jesse’s arrogance inevitably leads him down that path…

While Jesse was off on his round the world trip, Tulip and Cassidy were back in New Orleans. Cassidy’s way of dealing with having an eighty three year old fledgling vampire for a son was to hire a couple of escorts and play the world’s least appropriate game of Twister. It’s clear that Denis can’t control his impulses at this point (and seems to have zero inclination to try) so I suspect this storyline is going to end very badly for Cassidy.

Tulip was still having nocturnal flashbacks to her encounter with the Saint of Killers, and this week we got the first indication that her nightmares were more than PTSD. Tulip seemed to instinctively know that the Saint wasn’t back in Hell as Jesse claimed, but whether this is because she has some kind of connection with the cowboy having been touched by him, or just because she knows in her bones when Jesse is lying remains to be seen.

Her vulnerability and doubt provided a foothold for Lara Featherstone, who continued to use her Jenny alter ego to cosy up to Tulip. Featherstone made her pancakes while she continued to gently prompt Tulip’s mistrust of Jesse. It was actually pretty heartbreaking seeing Tulip cry as Lara cleaned up the egg she’d dropped, just one small act of kindness enough to set the tears flowing. With Jesse MIA and Cass preoccupied with Denis, Tulip has had no one to confide in, and Ruth Negga did an excellent job of conveying what it’s like when you’ve been holding it together then the floodgates open. Tulip letting her guard down seemed to make Lara careless though, and the Grail agent slipped up by mentioning Tulip’s bank robbing past in Dallas, a detail Tulip had never shared. It was down to the hapless Agent Hoover to take one for the team, posing as Jenny’s violent ex to lend her cover story credibility and earning himself some broken ribs in the process. I can’t help but think whatever Hoover’s getting paid, it’s not enough.

While patching up some cuts and bruises in Denis’ bathroom, Featherstone pointed out the loose tiles, which of course led Tulip to the secret stash of the Saint of Killer’s weapons. I suspect when Jesse gets back from his jaunt with Starr, the shit is going to really hit the fan for our lovebirds. And with Lara having planted a seed in Tulip’s mind, pointing out how charming and attractive Cassidy is, I wouldn’t be surprised if the long-foreshadowed love triangle is about to get a whole lot messier, especially if Cassidy finds himself needing comfort in the aftermath of a terrible event – say having to execute his own son…

A fun episode, which reignited my interest in the ‘search for God’ plot strand (largely due to Herr Starr and Humperdoo) and set up some exciting conflict to come in the final episodes of this season. Preacher is always at its best when driving forward and pushing the envelope, and this blasphemous little nugget did just that.

Final Grade: B

+ How enjoyable was it, seeing Jesse getting peed on by the twenty fifth great grandson of Jesus?

+ Pip Torrens was excellent in this episode. His unpredictability, odd pronunciations and disarming bluntness were a joy to watch.

+ I loved Cassidy giving his elderly son “The Talk” as if he were an adolescent boy about to hit puberty.

– The Grail has been getting warp speed lessons from Game of Thrones, because Jesse and Starr seemed to cover a lot of distance in a short period!

– Jesse realising The Grail were behind the actor’s murder reminded me how fucking stupid everyone involved with analysing that DVD was!

– Tulip was smart enough to know when ‘Jenny’ had tripped up, so would she really have confided most of her life story in someone she barely knows?

Extra Thoughts: GOD WAS THE S&M DOG!!! Humperdoo’s drawings prove that, right?

What did you think? Was this little secret as dirty as you’d hoped? Sound off in the comments, or over on Twitter!

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