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6 Reasons to Get Excited for Josh Brolin’s Cable in Deadpool 2

I honestly can’t wait for Deadpool 2. I hope that it won’t suffer from a sophomore slump like other sequels to movies. It tends to be a trend in franchises, except for Captain America: Winter Soldier. Anyway, Ryan Reynolds returns as the Merc with the Mouth, and this time Deadpool’s bff Cable, the time-traveling son of Cyclops and the clone of Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor (yes, it is confusing), will be joining him. Cable will be played by the amazing Josh Brolin, who will also be playing Thanos, the big bad of the MCU, in Avengers: Infinity War. I don’t know how he managed it, but here are the reasons why you should be excited for Josh Brolin’s Cable in Deadpool 2.

6. 4th Wall-Breaking

As I mentioned in the introduction, Brolin has the role as Thanos and the role as Cable. This movie being about Deadpool, I expect wisecracks and fourth wall-breaking courtesy of our favorite mercenary. If there isn’t, then I’m going to be sorely disappointed. Fourth wall-breaking is a staple for all things Deadpool, after all.

5. “Straight Man” to the Insanity

Naturally, Cable is the straight man (in terms of a comedy duo, not in terms of sexuality, of course…). He will this super-serious trained soldier, who takes his mission seriously, and well, Deadpool is Deadpool. Cable will not be amused with anything, which will be hilarious in itself. This is a Deadpool movie we are talking about, of course.

4. Cable’s Abilities

Cable’s abilities vary. He was born with telepathic and telekinetic abilities, but it has varied over his appearances. Cable is extremely strong and a gifted fighter, fighting on par with the likes of Wolverine, Captain America, Red Hulk, Falcon and Iron Man (in the comics). He does have some time-traveling abilities. He’s also a cyborg because of a techno-organic virus that plagues him. Apparently, the time-travel abilities will be able to connect the next few X-Men movies together and even maybe the older ones. I can’t wait to see what a bada$$ Cable is going to be, because he is stupidly powerful. (Then again, he’s related to Jean Grey, so…)

3. Cable’s Future

Since he is a time-traveling soldier, then I want information or at least, some view of the future that he came from, including why he needed to go back in time. Most of Cable’s enemies include Stryfe, his clone, the god-like mutant Apocalypse, and normal X-Men enemies. I can see Cable going back in time only to get wrapped up in Deadpool’s insanity.

2. References to the Summers-Grey Family

Cable is Nathan Summers and therefore related to all the Summers-Grey family. Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor, Rachel Summers, Hope Summers, and Alex Summers are all his family. Rachel and Hope haven’t appeared yet in the movies, but I hope that they do, even if the Summers-Grey family tree gets weird sometimes. His family needs to be referenced, in relation to his backstory. And even though this is a Deadpool movie, if it is going to be connected to the other movies, it might help make the time-travelling nonsense from X-Men: Days of Future Past make sense and fix the X-Men movie’s continuity.

1. Cable and Deadpool’s Bromance

The whole reason for this movie is that Deadpool’s closest friend is Cable. Their bromance made their comic run awesome. Deadpool has a history of admiring other male heroes, so Deadpool would totally attach himself to Cable. Cable, on the other hand, takes a while to warm up to Deadpool and so their friendship is the more unlikely. But eventually it does work. Cable wants Deadpool to be better and knows he can be, and Deadpool appreciates the sentiment. It’s a strange friendship, but that makes it awesome. I can’t wait to see Josh Brolin and Ryan Reynolds interact!

Cable is a great addition to the Deadpool franchise. Deadpool and Cable, together, in one movie. What could be better?

Who else is excited for Deadpool 2’s Cable, played by Josh Brolin? Do you think he’ll rock it? (I’m sure he will). Did I miss anything? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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