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6 Things We Want In a Batman DCEU Trilogy

Director Matt Reeves has gone on the record stating that he is already thinking of doing a Batman trilogy for his take on the Caped Crusader. While we have seen Batman on film before there are still many things from the comics that have not made the jump to the big screen. Also some things have been seen in the previous films but have lacked something and can be adapted in a different and maybe even better way than before. With a new director, a new Batman, and a new world that is connected to a larger universe we are about to see a new and unique take on the Dark Knight. Here is a list of some of the things we would like to see in a Batman DCEU trilogy.

6. Arkham Asylum

Now granted Arkham Asylum has appeared in the films before and played an important part in Batman Begins, but we have not seen it in the way we know it from the comics. I want to see a film where Batman goes into Arkham and all his rogues are locked up in there. Not only will it allow for some great cameos and easter eggs it will do a fantastic job of showing how long Batman has been active and what terrors Gotham City has had to face.

5. Harvey Bullock

As someone who grew up with Batman: The Animated Series, I’ve always been a fan of Bullock. Having someone there who can call out Batman on some of the stuff he does is always fun and Bullock’s interactions with the Dark Knight are some of the best moments. While Gordon will call out Batman it if he thinks Batman is going too far it was always fun to have Bullock there doing it on a regular basis. It can also make for a fun b-plot in the movie as we seek Bullock at first being distrustful of Batman but in the end learning to respect him.

4. The Bat Family

Yes Robin appeared in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin and Batgirl appeared in the latter film as well but we can now finally have the whole Bat family on the big screen. Reports have already stated that Nightwing and Batgirl films are in development and Jason Todd’s existence has been hinted at in the DCEU already. Bring in Damien Wayne and for the first time the entire Bat family will appear on film together which will be a big deal for fans and a team up we are dying to see.

3. Under the Hood

As stated above, the existence of Jason Todd has already been hinted at in the DCEU. This could be setting up an adaptation of one of the most acclaimed storylines in Batman history. While I’m not usually a fan of storylines that bring characters back from the dead I am a fan of this one and would love to see it in a film.  Batman dealing with his failure with Jason and seeing what he has become will rock him to his core and question his mission.

2. Death of the Family

While a more recent storyline in the comics, Death of the Family has quickly become a fan favorite and seeing it adapted to the big screen would be a fantastic way to unite the Bat family onscreen while also pushing them to the brink. Joker wants to simplify things and go back to it just being him and Batman. Joker believes the family weakens his nemesis and in order to improve Batman he will need to exterminate them. The conflict from this with Batman being forced to confront his relationship to his family and his greatest nemesis would be a great way to bring these two elements together.

1. A Death in the Family

We’ve seen the Robin suit with the graffiti by Joker and it was stated that Harley Quinn was an accomplice to this murder in Suicide Squad. This is one of the most important moments in Batman’s history and after being teased we need to see it in film. This event pushed Batman to his breaking point but also showed his restraint as he let Joker live even after such a terrible deed. Seeing one of the most iconic moments of Batman history brought to life will be a big deal and a huge moment in the films.

Matt Reeves is a beloved director and anticipation for his version of Batman is high. While these things are great and would be amazing to see in a film I trust Reeves to deliver something incredible no matter what form his Batman films take. If he can include some fan favourite moments and mythos while doing it then fans should be in for a real treat.

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