PodCapers Ep. 32: Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review with Jonathan Hazin (Full Spoilers)

Manners maketh man. Sadly though, they don’t necessarily make for a good movie. Scott and AP2HYC writer Jonathan Hazin talk about Kingsman 2 and where exactly it went wrong. They discuss returning characters, new characters, American stereotypes masquerading as characters, and Elton John. ♫ Rocket maaaaaan! Burning out his fuse up here alone. ♫

Check out Scott and David Molofsky talking with one of the creators of Kingsman, Dave Gibbons!

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Kingsman and the Comic – 01:25

The Golden Circle, Spoilers, and Bond – 06:20

Underused Characters, Unnecessary Swears, and Statesman – 17:00

Villains, Elton John, and Merlin – 30:20

Whiskey Plot Holes, Endings, and Final Thoughts – 1:00:00

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