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Arrow Tries to Deal With the “Fallout” of It’s Finale

Man, I feel bad for Adrian right now. I mean you put so much effort into a master plan to murder your enemies greatest allies and it all amounts to nothing basically. That would really piss me off if I hadn’t just blown my brains out on a boat. So, “Fallout” which is a seemingly ironic title as there really wasn’t any. Everyone you thought would die did, and everyone else had no major repercussions. Its as if the writers really didn’t want to commit to their grand finale and add some weight to Oliver’s adventures this year so whats the point of it all. I mean this wasn’t a bad episode or even god forbid something at the quality of seasons three or four, but did they ever screw the fact that any big change meant nothing. It is about commitment to a plan and to making your actions have consequences so let me rant for a while.

Ok first things first, the episode wasn’t bad and intact and some very good elements of drama. The Lance/Siren material was fun to watch, Diggle dealing with PTSD seems like a cool angle, Curtis being competent and useful, and the big cliffhanger seems like it will actually pay off. But all of this equals squat in the face of what happened on the island. It was literally blown to kingdom come and I refuse to believe that only two individuals who have gotten hurt in the blast. Hell, Slade didn’t even make it to cover and Diggle was caught in a freaking explosion and yet they got away like it was freaking nothing. If the finale was supposed to be about making big changes to the narrative that you should commit to that choice. Hell the finale would have still been cool if we had ended exactly where we ended tonight as it would have been a victory for Adrian as he would have shown the world who Oliver really is. Yet here we are with no major loss of life and making our incredible villain from last year feel inconsequential. Seriously fuck off.

Alright, now that I got that huge amount of hate out of my system in a reasonable fashion lets go over the major points. Like I said one of the strongest points of the episode was the Lance/Dinah/Siren drama and how it has caused Lance to go off on a bender again but this time for a good reason. Yes, I understand that Siren isn’t really his Laurel but it would still probably screw you up in unimaginable ways to have to shoot her to save one of your friends. Juliana Harkavy did a great job of portraying Dinah’s empathy for Lance’s situation. She knows how much Laurel means to him and what he would give up to hold her in his arms again. She is a much better shoulder than Oliver could ever be and their dynamic is defiantly something I am seeing develop this season. Also, it’s just great watching Katie Cassidy play mind games with Lance for the sheer purpose of revenge. I love the fact she is a regular this year and I can’t wait to see who else she is playing with on team Big Bad.

The other big plot point I am looking forward to seeing play out is Diggle’s PTSD. I mean it is no secret the writers have struggled to figure out exactly what to do David Ramsey’s character, so if he is sidelined and trying to figure out what his role is on the team now that he has the yips, all the better. I know Diggle has a support system outside of Lyla and Oliver and I am looking forward to seeing how this team will help him get back on the horse and be the Spartan we know him to be. This will also hopefully elevate Diggle’s character in a way his fugitive arc never really did.

As for the cliffhanger, I really don’t know how they are going to get out of this or who took that photo, but it certainly makes things more interesting. I mean Ollie has gotten out of this plenty of times before, but I don’t remember there ever being any type of photographic evidence of his dual identity. Ollie can’t simply say it is edited because of how many times he has had to go through this shit, now he either has to own up or find a way to resolve his dual identity. Also there are plenty of people who want the Green Arrow dead so I can’t imagine this being easy for the rest of the team either. Either way this is going to be a fun few weeks until everything somehow manages to blow over.

Overall it was definitely a very solid episode and a good way to start the season. I just would really like some consequences.

Final Grade B-

+Great action

+Solid Lance/Siren/Dinah plot

+Diggle with the yips

+Oliver unmasked

-No real consequences for the finale

-Some janky camera angles during some fights

Extra Thoughts

-Both Siren/Canary fights were great plus Cassidy had a great reading of how her suit would have fishnets.

-Wild Dog’s new suit is cool and all but he is far less effective with a single shotgun than with two pistols.

-Hey, Raiza’s back because she was important for all of one episode ever.

-I can’t wait to see how they follow up Prometheus because damn is he going to be hard to top as a villain.

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