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The Flash Is Giving Off “Mixed Signals” As To What It Wants To Be

You know what, its just plain fun to watch The Flash some times even where there are brutal murders across the board with goofy tech villain. So, “Mixed Signals” is really just another excuse for The Flash to be fun and exuberant without any of the badge you have from the past two seasons. Whether it be Barry and Iris in therapy, the new suit bit, Barry’s hubris, or Cisco being an idiot. The plot was just super fun to watch and it seems like we wont be hanging on some sort of big doom and gloom plot that fractures the multiverse for the entire season. I like this version of the show, there is way more pep in its step and action in all the right places.

So I just have to say the overall tone of the episode was really something we have been looking for for a very long time. It was really like watching an episode of Legends more than anything else with the way the episode was paced so we were not able to get comfortable at all with how the plot was organized. Whether it Barry just readjusting to the world or having to deal with Kilg0re there were just plenty of laughable moments that didn’t detract from the fact Barry is dealing with some sort of PTSD. I love the idea that happy go lucky Flash is simply Barry’s coping mechanism after everything which has taken place in the past year. It would be hard for anyone to hypothetically deal with all the stuff Barry has gone through so if he simply wants to be The Flash and save the day it all makes sense. I also enjoy the idea of him working through his issues with Iris.

Sure, it is simple to explain that Barry’s choice to abandon Iris for six months may have been pretty selfish, but they clearly had some issues they needed to work through in order to be better. Especially now that Iris is partially in charge of Team Flash. She was right to tell him that he has to follow orders on some level because in his absence things have changed dramatically and he needs to be able to adapt. It pains me to say it but he simply can’t be all happy go lucky Barry and needs to be more methodical in his actions. Iris has the right idea of planning a head and being ready for an ever changing situation. Also it was pretty funny to see Barry and Iris trying to navigate therapy. Especially the ways in which they were trying to hide all of their secrets. No body could miss all of those clues I mean come on.

With the other plots going on it was fun to see Cisco suck at Earth 2 Valentines Day for most of the episode. I just wish that Gypsy had a lot more to do rather than being sidelined for everything. I mean we all know how powerful she is and what she is capable of, wouldn’t she had been a ton of help against Kilg0re. Especially since Wally got TKO’d it record time. Also Gypsy is usually a well rounded character and reasonably integrated into the plot so to have reduced to a basic girlfriend character was really disheartening.

As for the actual “plot” of the episode, it could have been handled a lot better. I mean Kilg0re is a hokey villain to say the least and Cisco sort of teed up the final confrontation with him. It was just a bizarre situation for everyone to have to deal with. Also Kilg0re really wasn’t that scary or menacing, he was just your run of the mill crazy guy without a lot of heart and soul to his mission besides revenge. I was honestly way more interested by The Thinker and the other eleven subjects who were not in Central City on the night of the particle accelerator. The questions of how did they get their powers and what was going on will hopefully elevate the show for the rest of the season.

Overall it was a solid episode, but nothing has really stood out as of yet other than the mystery of The Thinker.

Final Grade C+

+Barry in therapy

+Happy go lucky Barry

+The Thinker is still really interesting

-Kilg0re lackluster

-Gypsy sidelined from the action

-Barry not listening to the team

Extra Thoughts

-Barry’s reaction to the newspaper article about Oliver was priceless.

-Why does Barry need a laser Cisco? Follow up, why didn’t Wally dodge said laser.

-Find something for Wally to do please because he is just useless at the moment.

-Also if 111 day is so important on Earth 2 where was Jesse or why wasn’t Wally aware of this?

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