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The Flash is Reborn in It’s Premier, But Should It Have Stayed in the Speed Force

We are back off and running and you know what, we are corny again and it feels so good. “The Flash Reborn” is very much what the show used to be in season one and for parts of season two. Fun, campy, just bonkers for no reason at times, yet big in scope and one of the best. Here we get to see the show move at a Flash like pace moving through doom, gloom, and plots which would have been lingered on for multiple episodes in the past couple of years. We get to see Barry being nuts, Iris leading the team, Wally at his most Wally like, and we still managed to get a competent display of what The Flash can and should be. Also it appears there won’t be pussyfooting around this season as we got right to the issue in the final few minutes of the episode.

So yeah, Barry was back awfully fast. No real time was wasted on us figuring out how to get him back or how the team and city were dealing with Barry’s disappearance, everything was resolved within the first fifteen minutes of the show for better or worse. Sure would I have like to have actually seen Wally be The Flash and find out more about the past six months, you bet. However, the quicker we got Barry back the faster we were able to deal with the ramifications of his disappearance. Grant Gustin was great in the brief appearance of crazy Barry and I do kind of hope to see exactly how the speed force has effected him and what lingering effects its has. I seriously doubt Barry is completely ok after escaping the speedforce and remembering how to save Iris, but I would honestly not be surprised at all.

I also really enjoyed watching everyone’s reasons for wanting to bring Barry back or in the case of Iris to not bring him back. Joe was right that everyone needed real closure on the issue and it was simply not enough to have Barry simply remain in the speed force. For Iris it was a way to possibly move forward rather than simply being stuck following Barry’s mission. Barry’s return also allowed for emotional closure for Iris as she no longer had to worry about giving up the man she loved to some higher power. For Cisco it is about knowing that his best friend is ok and has not evaporated into nothing. I mean there were some serious detachment issues with Cisco or else why would he have made the new suit unless Cisco was working through abandonment issues.

Although it was brief we did get to see what life was like with out Barry and I have to say I loved seeing the dynamic of cocky Wally and Cisco together. Usually the two of them have Barry to help balance out their egos but here they were brought to attention by Iris which although nice to see did raise some questions about her leadership skills later in the episode. I don’t fully understand why she willingly gave herself up to Samuroid or how that helped to recover Barry’s memories at all, but I am willing to let a lot of this slide as I enjoyed the overall feeling of the episode. I just wish we got to see more interesting team ups and snippets of the six months. I mean one in three is kind of a huge margin of error for the team, what would happen if it was one oft he more dangerous metas and not simple PeekaBoo.

Despite all of the questionable moment in the episode it was great to see Barry out and running again. The action was shot intriguingly tonight to the where there were a lot of downward facing camera angles. All of these added some nice flair and were definitely choreographed better than the final fight. Despite being cool looking the CGI on Barry chasing Samuroid through the wind farm felt cheap at times. Especially in comparison to the opening chase scene between Wally and PeekaBoo which looked a lot smoother. Even Caitlin’s transformation scenes were cleaner cut than the final fight but I am willing to let that slide for one episode as long as it doesn’t become a trend.

Overall it was a solid return with some room for growth.

Final Grade C+

+Crazy Barry

+Seeing Cisco and Iris deal with the aftermath

+New Suit

-Not enough time spent on the ramifications

-Very fast resolve for crazy Barry

-Iris being the damsel in distress.

Extra Thoughts

-I never thought Cisco saying “You sure love urine.” would make me laugh so hard.

 totally sold that moment.

-Some fun call backs to the pilot this week including the air strip and Lady Gaga. I weirdly would like more callbacks to earlier seasons as they reward you for sticking with the show.

-Well the Thinker certainly looks terrifying, although he looks more like Metatron than The Thinker in my opinion. Still looking forward to a non speedster villain.

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