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“Luck Be A Lady” Helps The Flash Get Back on Track

You know what, I like this Flash not caring about the threat at large even when he doesn’t know about the threat at large. It just makes things more fun and lively while not being dragged down by the weight of duty. That is what makes “Luck be a Lady” so much fun as the stakes are generated by Hazard but not the main crux of the teams issues. This is the one scenario out of a hundred where the teams interpersonal drama just manages to elevate everything to its natural conclusion. Even more so we finally manage to solve the team dynamic problem that has been vexing us for the first couple of episodes. Here we get to see Flash at its core is a story about a bunch of misfits friends and family solving problems, you know like Scooby-Doo but with super speed.

First off, Hazard despite the previews turned out to be an amazing villain who really managed to play well with the crew. In the same vein as Snart she was never really a bad person but simply someone just acting on impulse and wanting to be happy. Its something the team has really never had to deal with before. Everyone else was simply motivated by their baser instincts, but here we are with a villain simply having fun just because they want some good luck. It’s and excellent change of pace from all of the doom and gloom which the team has had to deal with in the past. Add in the fact she was simply a well mannered and non confrontational villain and you have the added bonus of watching Barry deal with the situation in a new and interesting way. Plus how cool was that bank heist when you get to see all of Hazard’s powers come into play.

Like I said, what made this episode fun and interesting was the fact that all of Hazard’s hazards were just sheer happenstance and negatively effected the team. Joe’s house breaking down, Wally getting broken up with, Barry and Iris loosing their wedding venue. Any of these events could have been corny and too soap opera like to be played in the episode, but by having Hazard be the root cause of all these problems made it more fun to watch. Everyone loosing their minds about the bad luck and how the team was falling in on themselves was a solid touch. It was bizarre that Caitlin of all people was left out of the equation for chaos but we still managed to get some really fun interplay with Harry now rejoining the team. I just wish we had actually got to see more of the teams bad luck a la the classic Supernatural episode “Mystery Spot”. It would have made everything so much more lively.

My favorite aspect of this weeks episode however was the reveal of where the twelve metas from this season came from. The reveal that by the team releasing Barry from the speed force created our villains sans The Thinker was really satisfying out of left field turn. Sure, we have had Barry be the architect of his own misery before, but this time it just seems like so much more fun, especially in comparison to the metas created by Flashpoint last season. Here the Metas are more interesting and not simply a means to exacerbate the teams deep seated personal problems. They also seem to have way more of a purpose than in the past few years and I just want to watch what happens when The Thinker finally starts his plan to mess with the team.

The other plot that came completely out of left field was Wally leaving town. Make no mistake I have no problem writing Wally off if the writers don’t know what to do with him, but it just felt so quick. I mean I completely understand needing some time off to get over an ex but full on leaving town and abandoning your family is a little bit too hardcore for Wally to do. I mean I am glad that everyone is surprisingly cool with this as if it’s not a huge deal, but I am left to wonder how much of the slack Caitlin and Cisco can pick up now that Wally won’t be around for the foreseeable future. I hope this all leads to Wally hooking up with Linda Park a la the comics and if not I hope he makes some super friends possibly in Happy Harbor or Hub City.

This was easily the best episode to the season by far and I am really digging this tone we have been dealing with.

Final Grade B+

+Hazard was just plain fun

+Watching the bad luck play out

+The reveal of how the metas got their powers

+Excellent tone and pacing

-Wally bailing after getting dumped

Extra Thoughts

-It been a long time since we had a Barry eats a lot gag and it was greatly appreciated. I am hoping at his wedding we get a drunk Barry gag, its one of my favorite bits.

-Harry is back because apparently we don’t want another version of Harrison Wells this year.

-Ralph Dinby shows up next week according to the synopsis. Why no Plastic Man guys?

-I love that The Thinker is just doing different smart people things in each end tag. I really hope he does holographic painting next.

-Cecille is pregnant and Joe’s reaction is that of I’m surprised this still works.

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