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PodCapers Musical Spectacular: Scott’s Adventures in Disney Land

Scott has found himself in the mysterious and musical world of Disney Land – his worst nightmare! His journey through this animated world takes him from Nerdling Country through the Puppet Kingdom to parts unknown.

Will Scott be able to find the legendary “place to hang the cape” and make it home before he too becomes animated? Or will he fall victim to the villainous Spoiler? And just what the hell is a Hakuna Macguffin?

Find out in this format-breaking musical spectacular!

Special thanks to The Jock & Nerd Podcast and The Deleted Scene Podcast.

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Script by Scott Meridew

Story by Scott Meridew, David Molofsky, Mark Russell

Lyrics by Scott Meridew, David Molofsky, Mark Russell

Cast list:

Scott – Scott “The Man Who Hates DC” Meridew

Mark – Mark “The Man Who Loves Disney” Russell

The Editor – David “Editor-In-Cape” Molofsky

The Spoiler / Puddy – Kit “Puddygeeks” Horsley

Prince Rugboy – Rugberto “Rugboy” Bambino

Knight – Anthony “The Jock”

Fool – Imran “The Nerd”

Puppet King – Fred “No Strings” McNamara

Nerdling 1 / Puppet Guard / Spoiler Minion 1 – Kristian “The One-Bearded Man” Mitchell-Dolby

Nerdling 2 / Puppet Announcer 1 / Spoiler Minion 2 – Meli “The Greatest Actress In the World & Writer of Her Own Press Releases” Crossey

Nerdling 3 / Puppet Announcer 2 / Spoiler Minion 3 – “The Redheaded Artist Formerly Known As” Caley Powell


About the author

David Molofsky

David is the Founder & Editor-in-Cape of AP2HYC.