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6 Ways Justice League Could Reinvent the DCCU

Justice League has faced a bumpy road. Not unlike other films such as Apocalypse Now, the movie has not had an easy production. With switching not only primary writers but directors as well, rumors have swirled all across the film that major plot points and events in the film have been altered since Joss Whedon took over the project. What’s noteworthy is just how things have unfolded. First, reports came that Jesse Eisenberg‘s Lex Luthor was taken out of the film entirely. Then, the love interest of The Flash, Kiersey Clemons‘ Iris West, was cut too. Now, we have word that the film is under two hours, which was a decision made by Kevin Tsujihara, the CEO of Warner Brothers.

It seems as if the film has changed a great deal even if it may not have changed that much. Some of these decisions might have been made as the film’s production unfolded. However, it could also be because of the approach Whedon took to the movie as well as the increasing influence of WB corporate getting their hands on it. When corporate suits control the direction of films, there’s not often a great result in the end.

The hope is that Warner Brothers made good decisions in looking at this film and making it something that will be awesome. Justice League was originally planned as two films and was also pushed back into one single film. If these choices were made for the right reasons, then there should be nothing to worry about. In the meantime, let’s be hopeful and see just how Justice League could alter things in the DC Cinematic Universe:

6. Meeting Henry Allen

To an extent, the introduction of Barry Allen and his universe to the DC Cinematic Universe is something that changes up the playing field completely. While he was initially introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League is where we will get to see the full extent of the character in real time. We will even meet his father, Henry Allen, who has suffered many years in prison and away from his son. The reason why? It’s because of a bad guy that a future version of Barry meets and battles all his life. The story of Eobard Thawne/Professor Zoom/The Reverse Flash seems to be something that DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers plan on exploring with the first Flash film, Flashpoint.

5. The Introduction of Commissioner Gordon

While we will only get a glimpse of this new version of James Gordon in the film, it provides the beginning of a more in-depth exploration of the Ben Affleck Batman universe. It could be interesting to explore whether or not this Gordon has a drinking problem from all of his years on the force and might need help from the best alcohol treatment centers. Gordon is one of the key parts of the Batman story and with his introduction, we are only a few steps away from getting the full-on introduction of the rest of his rogues, which haven’t appeared in Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad contained a number of Batman’s rogues, including The Joker and Harley Quinn, but there are more in his universe that are ripe for exploration.

4. Darkseid Cometh?

He is one of the most dangerous antagonists throughout the DC Universe, whether in the comics or in film or television. When you hear his name, you should be frightened because it only means bad things are about to come to fruition. While Darkseid is only mentioned in the movie, a defeat by the Justice League that his uncle, Steppenwolf, might experience could bring him a great deal of anger. Perhaps, he might want to invade the earth himself and spread word of his all-powerful Anti-Life Equation? We could be in for quite a treat should the film merit a sequel. He could also make an appearance in a Superman solo film since he’s one of Superman’s biggest villains, who also happens to be a Justice League villain too.

3. Aquaman and Mera

We know obviously that Arthur Curry/Aquaman is in the film but we also are aware that Mera, who later becomes his wife, is in it too. She plays the biggest role arguably in Aquaman’s life. As formidable a warrior as he is, she is able to fight alongside him as well as stick by him throughout all the emotional and physical struggles he endures throughout the course of his life. Their story is one that has been perfect for a cinematic adaptation for many a time. With the introduction of Aquaman and his world, you bet nobody better mess with the king of Atlantis.

2. The Return of Superman

This one is kind of a given but everyone should know that Superman is the main standard bearer for the Justice League. He is the one who represents the League most of the time and leads it into battle. One of the interesting challenges Zack Snyder did was take Superman out of the equation with a grand heroic sacrifice in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that proved the world needed a Superman, the main question of the film. While some questioned the logic of the narrative, it actually made much sense that his sacrifice for mankind would not only prove that he was on their side, but that he was a necessity for protecting them from the threats that continued to endanger them. While not only will Superman’s return be momentous, it could finally land Superman in another solo film, something which has been needed for some time.

1. Affleck’s Last Bat Film?

While this is not something in-story or in-canon for Justice League, it’s a question that has been debated by both fans and the media alike. Will Ben Affleck depart the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman after this film is over? He recently told Extra that his days were numbered potentially. When they asked him if he would play the role two more times, he was pretty direct: “I don’t know about that,” Affleck stated. “We’ll see what the future holds.” Such a statement could mean many different things. Everyone knows the dance actors often do for financial purposes, where they say they do not know about a role but are just waiting out for more money. That could be the case for Affleck.

Yet, he has been giving differing statements for much of the last two years as to whether his time as The Dark Knight would continue on or not. Fandom is not even sure whether or not it could be Warner Brothers forcing him out after the failure of Live by Night, a passion project of Affleck’s that came out in early 2017. Maybe, they are concerned about his drinking habits and he needs the best alcohol treatment centers? The hope is he does not depart the role with his being such a popular iteration of the Caped Crusader. Now with the focus on Wonder Woman after her solo film’s success, it could be that much easier for the film studio to recast the role.

With much left up in the air, it’s still yet unknown what Justice League means for the greater DCCU. The hope is that the film does well to not only merit a sequel but mean good positive news for the entire slate of films they wish to make. There’s so much potential for future storytelling that the hope is these films get made and receive a fantastic response from their fans and critics.

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