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The Flash Tries to Pass The Bechdel Test, But Does It Succeed?

Tonight on Bechdel Test the episode we watch as Caitlin tries not to murder Katee Sackhoff and Barry gets excessively drunk at a strip club. I know that seems like a weird thing to type but that is the quickest summary I can give of “Girls Night Out” as it was just an all around strong episode to watch. Sure it manages to brief tie into the season’s over arching plot and introduce some fun new characters. Realistically however this was about splitting the party into wacky situations and simply hoping for the best to play out. I mean it wasn’t bad or uninteresting as it is always just fun to watch our heroes play off one another, but there just wasn’t a ton of forward moment or real team bonding that would have been expected. Luckily the laughs were definable in play tonight and we are seemingly building towards something.

So as far as the material for the A and B plots, the A plot with the girls was definitely far more solid than I expected. Killer Frost definitely made for a much stronger foil for Iris to play off of and Felicity was used in just the right amount so as to not over shadow or become exceptionally annoying. What made their plot so great was the fact that Iris despite her best attempts was never the strongest or smartest person in the room. Whether it be Amunet or Killer Frost, Iris was clearly out of her element despite being the defect leader of the team. It also allowed for Caitlin to finally come clean about her Jekyl and Hyde thing to the team which makes sense. There was only so long they would have been able to hide to secret while being reasonable and yet here we are with Caitlin being the bigger person.

Speaking of Caitlin she does manage to have a pretty solid arc tonight as she comes to terms with being Killer Frost and admitting that her and Iris are indeed friends. Caitlin made a strong point to Iris of how they have never really hung out and are more friends by proxy than actual friends. It was nice to see her grow up and realize that she can rely on other members of the team besides Cisco and Barry. It was also great to see that everyone except Iris was smart enough not to trust her at first glance. Cecile was right to bring up her kidnapping and the fact she worked with Savitar last year, it would be stupid to put all their blind faith into someone who hasn’t earned it. I also really enjoyed Amunet being as aggressive as she was, it was clear Sackhoff was having as much fun as anyone tonight.

As for the B plot, if you are going to try and make Ralph a redeemable asshat definitely the right idea to have him be super rock bottom first. I mean as telegraphed as it was that he was going to take them to a strip club there were still some super enjoyable bits. The return of drunk Barry and Ralph doing sleazy things in a strip club were certainly highlights, but I just wanted more depth from the story. I mean the only thing than manages to slightly salvage this entire part of the story was Joe having to confront Cecile’s daughter. Sure it was hokey and a cheap way to elicit a true Joe storyline, but there is a reason cheap storylines work so often. There unfortunately just wasn’t enough substance to make Barry being drunk really worthwhile.

As for the team coming closer it feels a little bit out of left field that it is happening now. I mean I appreciated Caitlin’s candor and willingness to tell Iris the truth, but this is not really the time for team building unless it involves Ralph. I mean we have to get him in fighting shape real soon if he is going to be of any use against DeVoe and what he has Planned for Weeper and the rest of his special metas. I am also still interested in DeVoe’s plan as I am wondering what all these wacky powers have in common and will mean for the big final plot. I mean a love drug, a guy who can hack anything, and walking bad luck seemingly don’t add up to much.

Overall it was probably the weakest episode of the season, but compared to what Arrow has been pumping out this year it’s gold.

Final Grade C

+Drunk Barry

+Fun Joe plot

+Killer Frost and Amunet material

-The guys plot was useless

-The girls were pretty useless except for Frost

-Lack of Thinker progression

-Ralph is becoming more unlikable

Extra Thoughts

-The gag of Harry having hand sanitizer for the strip club was great.

-Drunk Barry loves chicken wings and is mad at Rose for not moving over on the door. I can dig.

-Ferris Air is The Flash equivalent of Kord Industries. It’s cool to see but will never amount to anything besides that one off Hal cameo.

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