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Ralph Tries to Become a Good Person on The Flash and Harry meets Harry.

Shall we play a game Mr. Allen? Or should we go with a Hannibal Lector joke for this one. Nah we’ll go for Sherlock Holmes because the game is afoot. For most of it’s running time “When Harry Met Harry” continues this season’s trend of solid episode with little to no larger plot ramifications. But here we are with our big bad finally stepping into the light and playing with the team a little but. However, before we get to that Black Bison has the rat talisman and Ralph need to learn important lessons about being a hero. It’s not enough for Ralph to simply become less of a sleaze, but here we get to see him develop into both a hero and a better person at the same time. Its not something that will happen overnight for him, but we are at least working on the beginnings of what will eventually become Elongated man.

First thing is first, how great is Tom Cavanaugh and the concept of the Council of Wells. I mean the general idea of Harry only being friends with himself is strong enough, but the concept of it all being due to self loathing and doubt were just icing on the cake. The council aspect allows Harry to grow in an untested and personal way, but it also manages to add some fun new characters for our team to play around with. I mean I would love to see lothario Wells on our earth as he reminds me of HR and HR was always fun to watch flounder around. This also gave Harry some much needed perspective on being part of the team. He has always sort of been a driver by member, popping in and out as need, but now that he is full time he needs to adapt to the teams way of thinking and actually contribute in a way similar to Thawne in season one.

Similarly we actually got to see Ralph begin to mature out of his narcissistic and pervy as he learned some hero lesson. Granted these were not the most gentle handed of lessons as Ralph nearly got a person killed, but he is learning to place people above the villain which is a nice touch. Hartley Sawyer manages to add a new level of character to Ralph by having him miss some aspects of his former life. Sure things were simple for Ralph, but they were never truly rewarding in any way. Here we get to see Ralph actually care about his actions and take the necessary steps toads becoming a better person. Ralph also manages to add something to the team which Wally was sorely missing at points, all out comedy. Ralph being hypnotized, calling people by their measurements, the ballon animal scene. Everything was just meant to bring a smile to your face.

The only real downside to the episode was Black Bison and her purpose. Sure reclaiming artifacts for the purpose of heritage  seems like a strong character arc, but when she refuses to openly acknowledge what is clearly a wrong move things get wonky. Take Hazard as an example, to this point she is the seasons best villain as she is clearly fleshed out and for all intent and purpose not actually a bad person. On the other hand Black Bison is an asshole simply because she wants to be an asshole. There is no true substance to her reclamation project other than because and even when Ralph does the right thing in the end it would have played better for Bison. I mean she could have sent everything back as she was stealing it rather than simply keeping it for herself. It just came off as a poor excuse for a social justice villain that never came back to anything.

As for The Thinker, it looks like his time is coming and we will get to see exactly what his plan is for Barry on some level. The first step was finding him, now it all comes down to how do you defeat an opponent who knows your every move. I mean The Thinker has to have planned for this on every level so Barry is probably going to be shit out of luck for the most part next week. I just want to see The Thinker prove his worth as a villain because as of right now he poses no real threat to our heroes that we know of.

Overall it was a solid episode and I can’t wait for The Thinker to really come to play.

Final Grade B-

+The Thinker makes his move

+Ralph becoming more likable

+The Harry growing up plot

-Black Bison was a crappy villain

-Not enough depth to the Council

Extra Thoughts

-We need wore Gandalf Wells. That is all.

-The Thinker’s “My Victory’ speech was really well played. Could have been cheesy but Neil Sandilands sells the hell out of DeVoe’s boredom.

-How does Ralph make a ballon animal, even with shitty science that makes no sense.

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