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We Take an Elongated Look at a Funny Flash

If nothing else this season has been a bundle of laughs and I am super excited with the direction things. An “Elongated Journey into The Night” manages to move the plot forward in a not so substantial way and may indeed be more of a one off episode. Yet, it manages to introduce some cool new characters with some interesting new takes on abilities. “Elongated Journey into The Night” just focuses on an issue I hadn’t really contemplated until Barry brought it up. Just how far has the team stretched or bent the rules in the name of keeping people safe. It’s an intriguing concept for the team to finally tackle and Ralph manages to be an interesting foil for Barry to team up with in the future. Also Barry finally has an Idea of who he is up against as opposed to previous seasons where we had to wait a while for the bad guy.

As I said in the intro the tone and hidden plot device was a definite change of pace since much like our cast I never really cared what happened to all the other metas. Having Barry actually have to deal with the idea that the team has done a ton of shady crap in the name of keeping the city safe definitely made up for some of the weirder mishaps the team has been through. I mean Barry has ruined a ton of peoples lives by proxy and having him finally be aware of this and actually questioning all of the morally shady shit they have done was a really nice touch. It makes things more real for the team as they move forward that after all this time the team doesn’t view all random metas as bad guys.

Speaking of random metas how fun was it to watch Hartley Sawyer’s Ralph Dibny play around with Barry. I mean he is cocky, arrogant, narcissistic the perfect counterpoint to Barry and his new upbeat attitude. I mean I can see why we didn’t want Wally around as Dibny at least gives us some of Wally’s characteristics without the familial love backstory. Here there will be clear and present issues as Ralph gets accepted into the crew and learns to control all of his powers, but deep down behind all of the smug we know he will be a good guy in the end. Sawyer does a fantastic job of creating a character you love to both hate and like and really that is something the show has been missing in all of Barry’s companions. By having one who loves the limelight, the shenanigans, and is willing to call Barry on his shit will add a solid counterpoint to this whole affair.

As a nice counter point to the Barry and Dinby plot we had Cisco meeting Breacher and despite having the magnificent Danny Trejo portraying him the plot was clearly lackluster. Cisco meeting Gypsy’s dad and them not getting along was an inevitable sitcom plot waiting to happen, and despite the humor and some great moments it was just too predictable. It also continues the season long trend of completely nerfing Gypsy and making her a useless and uninspired female character. I mean seriously, Gypsy was a bad ass and now she has been reduced to a punchline in Cisco’s life. We need her back kicking ass, taking names, and putting Cisco in his rightful place. That was part of the fun of their relationship, that there was an equal give and take between the characters. Now she is nothing but a punchline and we are all poorer for it.

As for The Thinker though he did not appear in person this week Barry now knows who he is up against and what the team needs to do. Having Dibny be controlled/set up by DeVoe is certainly an interesting idea as it means Ralph joining the team is most likely some part of the endgame for the season. Since DeVoe has orchestrated all of this it also makes me wonder why he would allow such a powerful player into the fold. Is he simply trying to even the odds for Barry or is Ralph his trojan horse to take down the team from the inside. There are so many interesting possibilities that I am just dying to see what the bigger game is and how The Thinker is playing Barry. Either way I am excited to see the plan unfold as this is a villain unlike any Barry and the Team have faced before.

Overall a really good episode they just need to stop nerfing Gypsy.

Final Grade A-

+Hartley Sawyer’s Dibny was aces

+New team dynamic seems interesting

+Barry confronting all the illegal stuff they have done

+Breacher was hilarious.

+Thinker revealed to the team

-Stop nerfing Gypsy please

-Lack of a real final fight

Extra Thoughts

-Good Plastic Man nod, but Elongated Man is king now.

-I really want to see Dibny and Ollie hang out, that would be worth the price of admission.

-This episode was hilarious but nothing got a bigger laugh tonight than when Harry said “Have fun storming the castle.” Just absolute perfection by Tom Cavanaugh on the line delivery.

-Cynthia and Josh. Ok not something I needed to know but Trejo sold the crap out of that moment.

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