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The Flash Goes On Trial, But Does He Make Bail

Really couldn’t have made it an easier case for the prosecutors could you DeVoe. I mean I love evil machinations as much as the next person but even for me “Trial of The Flash” was a slight bit grandiose in terms of evil villain plans. However, what this episode manages to do very well in the oddest sense of the terms is keep the focus away from Barry. Trial chooses during large parts of the trial to focus on how Barry’s incarceration will effect those around him and what they are willing to do in order to protect on of their closest friends. Barry in the mean time is just along for the ride and playing along in the best way possible. The ending, however short it may be seems like it will create some interesting challenges for our hero, but now it is about seeing how the team will adapt to Barry not being there and Wally seemingly being missing.

So, let’s start with the actual trial and the fact that it was pretty short lived. I mean sure, DeVoe basically wrapped everything up nice and neatly in a bow, but it never truly felt like a trial or a huge conflict was going on in the court room. Everything was too basic and bland, we knew Barry would take the fall, that The Mechanic would play the court room like a fiddle, and that no matter what evidence was presented nothing would make Barry appear innocent. The thing that annoyed me the most about all of it was the belief that if Barry revealed he was The Flash everything would have been solved. That makes no sense as it would only further DeVoe’s goal of smearing Barry and make it even more dangerous in prison. I really did appreciate the fact Barry basically told everyone that it would be a dumb idea to reveal himself to the public. It shows he is smarter than he looks.

Inversely, I loved watching how certain characters dealt with Barry’s situation. Joe getting close to compromising himself was a nice touch and it makes sense in the grand scheme of things. I mean just how many times can he be forced to watch innocent people be wrongfully convicted and have it be related to him. It certainly managed to hit a strong spot, especially with his pairing with Dibny. Hartley Sawyer did a great job with his being speech tonight in telling Joe of his downfall and how what he is attempting to do will change him and the people around him for the rest of his life. This shows just how much Ralph has matured over this half a season as he is finally showing remorse for his past actions and will do anything to stop bothers from making the same types of mistakes. The Ralph we met at the beginning wouldn’t have even given Joe’s actions a second thought, here he saves Joe from the worst mistake of his life and that is awesome.

As for the B plot of the episode, I mean Fallout wasn’t really all that interesting of a villain and I do wonder exactly how he mixes into DeVoe’s big evil plot for the season. Sure, he was a nice distraction for the rest of the team to deal with but he never really amounted to anything other than a walking time bomb. The most interesting part of this was sending the nuclear fallout to Earth-15 which is apparently a dead earth. I want to know how it died and if there will conveniently be no repercussions for their actions.

Overall it was an ok start to the back half of the season, not we just need to stop stalling and see some of DeVoe’s plan in action.

Final Grade C+

+Strong character work from the cast

+Cool visuals on the final fight

+Barry actually going to prison

-Lack of turmoil within the trial

-People thinking Barry should reveal himself

-Fallout was a lame villain.

Extra Thoughts

-“Henry Allen Was Here”, there was really no other way to show that Barry had his dad’s cell.

-Is the judge a transfer if Barry is the worst criminal he has ever seen. What does this judge do parking tickets only.

-Next week Ralph gets an actual suit and the second Trickster is back, should be interesting.

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