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The Flash Shows It’s “True Colors” In a Great Return to Form

Well shit, that was certainly unexpected and dark. I mean I knew DeVoe was evil with the whole body jumping thing, but that is a certain type of complete psychopathy. “True Colors” has a lot of great moments within it, Ralph’s arc, Barry working with former foes, the twists at the end, and Barry actually getting out of prison finally. All of these components together really make for a strong and satisfying story and we are finally getting to see what exactly DeVoe is playing at. “True Colors” thrives because it never harps too much on one singular aspect of the story, instead it allows all of its components to play out as a neat little puzzle and once your see the big picture it becomes glorious. Now we are left to piece together what exactly DeVoe is going to use the bus metas for and I have an inkling it is nothing good.

So let’s start with Ralph and how once again he proves himself to be the best part of this season. Hartley Sawyer has just done fantastic work and despite how much time we have spent with the intrepid investigator I am always excited to learn more about him. In dealing with his trust issues and fears of abandonment we get to see Ralph for who he is, a scared lonely man who doesn’t want to loose the only friends he has got. That is what makes his talk with Killer Frost so great. Ralph has been vulnerable to the team before, but this is more than simply being vulnerable this is an actual fear of loss. He knows what his team means to him and as Killer Frost puts it, as long as he doesn’t murder anyone he should be all good. It was also great based on the final revelation of the episode to see just how much the team cares for their new friend.

It’s also great to see Ralph expand his power set and learn how to shape shift. Sure this is more often a power reserved for Plastic Man and not Elongated Man, but watching him struggle to learn fine motor skills how to transform himself into other people is sure fun. The bar scene in particular was hilarious as Ralph being intimidating was not really intimidating at all. All of the actors who portrayed Ralph definitely got the small mannerisms of Sawyer right and the way in which they were not confident in their performance was a solid touch. Plus it was great to see Neil Sandilands back even if it was only for Ralph to finally get Barry out of prison.

As for Barry, the whole prison break plot added some fun elements and reminded us that Barry isn’t entirely useless without his powers. I mean he scienced the hell out of that lock and was smart enough to convince some dangerous enemies hat they all needed to play along. Unfortunately, that is about as far as the plot went as there was no way the other metas were making it out of the prison. Sure, Barry bonding with Hazard was fun to watch and seeing all the chaos unfold and take down Amunet and the other metas was delightful, but they were either going back to jail or being dead in the water. I was honestly shocked with how everything played out after the warden revealed that Barry was The Flash to everyone, but if that is how the show wants to play than let’s play.

As for The Thinker’s actual plan, it sure escalated quickly. I understand wanting to steal Dominic’s body due to the deterioration, but becoming an all powerful meta was definitely a twist. I simply thought DeVoe was going to implant his consciousness onto the world, not become a god like meta in the process. Let alone that Thinker seems to be losing more of his humanity with each body swap as he is now drugging his wife to make her subservient. That is some messed up shit and it is now only a matter of time before he is betrayed. We still have no idea what the enlightenment is yet but for some reason it means Ralph is possibly next on the body swap list. As if the team needed more motivation.

Overall it was one of the strongest episodes of the season now onto the olympics.

Final Grade A-

+Ralph development

+The Thinker murdering the bus metas

+Barry out of prison

+Fun use of Ralph’s new powers

-Amunet at this point is a joke

Extra Thoughts

-Oh Dr Hallway, if ever there was a time for a conversation.

-The lack of Barry giving a shit about the multiple murders is slightly disconcerting. I mean that was a lot of dead bodies.

-I realize this was supposed to be a Barry teams up with The Rogues type episode, but in no universe do Black Bison and Kilgore hold a candle to Captain Cold and Weather Wizard.

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