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“Subject 9” Never Quite Hits The Right Note on The Flash

So is DeVoe simply searching for the right body or is there absolutely no point to any of this at all because now we are officially dragging our feet. “Subject 9” is that point in the season where we are officially just dragging our heels and bidding our time until we get to the big bad fight. I men that is all well and good when it is done well, but here it isn’t so much of a endgame as it is simply boring. I mean everything from our bus meta, to DeVoe being DeVoe, to Ralph’s journey, it all just felt repetitive as if we have seen it many times before in this season alone. There simply has to be a better way to go about doing this because at this point I am simply getting frustrated with the decisions being made.

So, let’s start with Ralph how has been a real bright spot this entire season. I mean he has been funny, charismatic, and had a solid arc about riding redemption as a disgraced cop. All of these have been great bits of character, but now we are at the point where we are recycling charter bits from earlier in the season. Ralph wants to prove he and the team can actually make a difference in these metas lives same way Barry has changed his. A strong move and understandable except the team has absolutely nothing to prove to anyone, and Ralph has proven himself time and again. We know he is a better person than when we first met him, and we know he now wants to help save everyone from DeVoe, we don’t need to be reminded of these things at all. Whats more frustrating is the fact t that DeVoe is seemingly saving Ralph for last out of pure narrative reasons. There must be something we can do because as compelling as DeVoe is as a villain those fighting him don’t feel all that interesting.

Speaking of DeVoe I am and pardon the pun here, of two minds about him as an antagonist. On the one hand DeVoe is terrifying and fun to watch play with all of the different personas throughout the season. I mean he is clearly loosing himself throughout each subsequent transition to a new host and becoming more detached from reality. I am however left wondering what is the point of it all. All of our villains have had a point to their machinations: Thawne to get back home, Zoom to escape the time remnants and be the fastest, Savitar to kill Iris and become a god. I mean all are very straight forward and simple to understand, but with The Thinker there doesn’t seem to be any sort of true interesting motive. We know that this “enlightenment” is coming, but we have no idea what it is or what purpose the bus metas serve in this plan. They clearly weren’t for an army and they seem to be dying too quickly to be acceptable vessels for DeVoe’s intelligence. I just need a hint at what the point to all of this is.

The same can be said of The Fiddler, who whip being an interesting choice for a meta really didn’t add anything to the story. I mean if they wanted her to be Ralph’s protege they should have just stuck with that angle. As it played out I would have preferred if she never joined the team at all and simply realized that the team together was stronger than her by herself. The way it played out it felt as if that message meant absolutely nothing to her until the very end where she was dying.

As for Barry, I mean it makes sense for the police department to not trust him and for the city to be skeptical about him, but why on earth is he being a dick to all of his friends. The team was only trying to help The Fiddler be able to defend herself, but Barry just made everything worse. He should know by now that the best way to prepare is slowly and methodically as a team or else he will simply loose another partner like Ronnie, Jay, Wally, Jesse, and Hartley. Seriously, Barry has screwed over a ton of teammates and caused their deaths and imprisonments, least he could do is be nice to his friends.

Overall it was a pretty underwhelming episode. I just want to get to the good part already and have the team get a win.

Final Grade C

+DeVoe being an arrogant prick

+Ralph is still very enjoyable

-Barry being a bastard

-Fiddler kind of lame

-DeVoe’s plan lacks focus

Extra Thoughts

-You remember that cerebral damper thing that was supposed to be important, turns out it does jack all. Super annoying.

-I like how completely OP DeVoe is, to the point he throws Cisco out of vibeing.

-Hey it’s the guy who played Buzz on Psych. God I miss Psych.

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