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Why Justice League Didn’t Deserve the Bad Press

Based on how Justice League has fared at the box office and its response from critics, it may just make you want to drink or get high. You might wish to avoid the fact the film did not do as well as expected. According to Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, there are 23.5 million US citizens who are substance abusers since September 2010. That’s an astounding rate and could be caused by the depression one gets when they look at Justice League. They may have to be concerned about Aetna substance abuse guidelines throughout this.

Justice League, according to Box Office Mojo, has more than made back its $300 million budget with a total worldwide gross of $647,173,455 ($223,173,455 domestic and $424,000,000 foreign). Rotten Tomatoes shows that the film has a 41% on the Tomatometer and a 78% audience score. The film appears to be making money, turning a profit for Warner Brothers, and audiences seem to enjoy it. Yet, the narrative continues to be how the film is a failure and a disaster. It’s enough to drive you to abuse drugs or alcohol to cope with the feelings of despair about a film you might have waited your entire life to see.

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It’s worth exploring exactly why the film continues to have appeal despite negative fanfare from those who did not enjoy the film. Considering the following points may show us why we never need to worry about Aetna substance abuse guidelines again:

Servicing Six Lead Superheroes

It can be a very difficult task to balance stories for six main superhero characters while also servicing the supporting characters too. While the film may have benefited from having more time to breathe, there’s no question the stories of the characters resonated with audiences. The fact the film was able to give the characters a beginning, a middle, and an end was admirable despite the studio interference.

Setting up Other Films

What has often been a criticism of the DC Cinematic Universe films is the fact they set up other films. It’s something that people have been upset about. Yet, the film has been successful in how it’s been able to build up interest in the other characters the film introduces such as The Flash and Aquaman. People like the characters and think there’s lots of potential with them. The same can be said of The Legion of Doom that was set up in one of the end credit scenes. There seem to be many positives going forward.

Introducing Big Ideas

Apokolips is home to one of the biggest enemies of all time in the DC Universe: Darkseid. Originally, the character was supposed to appear in the story. However, studio interference and changes to the film itself made it just Steppenwolf as the main villain. With Darkseid being mentioned and Steppenwolf and the Parademon army introduced, that opens up future storylines a great deal for new narratives down the road.

Continuing Batman’s Story

Bruce Wayne/Batman figures largely into the plot of Justice League. He is the main person, alongside Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, who is responsible for gathering the different members of The Justice League. The supporting cast of Bruce Wayne, including Alfred Pennyworth and Commissioner James Gordon, function the most next to Clark Kent/Superman’s supporting cast. Because of how much the plot relies on Wayne, it makes sense to see the amount of Batman’s world we do in the film.

Superman Comes Back

One of the things that might have led to Justice League not doing so well was the mystery surrounding why Superman was not a bigger part of the film’s marketing. While it was obviously done to conceal the return of Superman in the movie, most people knew that you cannot have The Justice League without Superman. It’s also evident by the fact Henry Cavill is in the billing for the film that he would return to the DC Cinematic Universe after having been killed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If you watched the ending of Dawn of Justice, they practically told you he would be back. And he’s much happier and not as angst-ridden as he was during the previous two films, which people did not like with respect to their portrayals of Superman.

Wayne Manor Becoming The Hall of Justice

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it was established that Wayne Manor was completely abandoned and nobody had lived there for quite some time. That built up a great deal of mystery surrounding what caused Wayne to leave behind the great monument that existed to his parents. While it was thought such a plot point would be explored in The Batman or another future Batman film, the site was determined to be turned into a sort of Hall of Justice for The Justice League. It was an interesting surprise twist to a fascinating plot point from a previous film.

Justice League may not be a perfect film whatsoever. Warner Brothers should have waited a little more before the film was released because of the CGI quality. However, there’s much to like about the film. And any person who is a fan of these characters should consider giving the film a viewing. You might be surprised when you see that shot of all the members of The Justice League together finally.

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