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“Run Iris Run” Never Quite Gets Momentum

Ah so it’s the annual Barry loses his powers episode and has to learn that he still matters even without them episode. I knew it was March. Yes, “Run Iris Run” did manage to tie into the larger Thinker plot in some fun and interesting way but this episode more than anything is about Iris and Barry’s relationship. For much of the season many fans have lamented how useless and not interesting Iris is as a character. Here however was the writers best effort to make Iris be what she was before, somewhat interesting and less annoying. I mean there are only so many different ways we can be told that she is the leader of the team if she has not put herself in real danger on a consistent basis. I mean the last time Iris had any actual field work besides the crossover to my knowledge was “Girls Night Out” which was not a shinning moment for the series if we are all in agreement. So here we are with one simple question, Can Iris carry an episode?

The answer is, kind of. I mean sure it is fun seeing Candice Patton actually do something other than bark orders from the command room, but she really doesn’t get to do much else. I mean she was a pretty shitty Flash until she created a title wave and even then that seems like a poor decision/ best option. I just wanted this episode to saccutally be about Iris dealing with powers and figuring out the consequences. Instead it became more about Barry dealing with the loss of his abilities and coaching Iris through, which half of that storyline we had seen before. Even Iris’ big moment wasn’t her own idea, it was Harry spurred by the thinking cap. If this was intended to be Iris’ episode and her moment of triumph was putting out that fire, shouldn’t she had been the one to come up with the idea. I mean that is just my personal belief in the matter.

Even more so shouldn’t Barry have been a shittier version of Iris at controlling the team. I mean he knew exactly what to do and gave the team pretty decent orders in order to survive. I mean his only real mistake was not sending Cisco and Caitlin to assist, but that is more on Iris for turning down the help. It felt like he was actually the better option which I guess was the point since the end goal was to make Iris a reporter again which is completely cool. I am glad she is doing something she loves to do I just wish it wouldn’t have taken Savitar and DeVoe to make her realize that she is a good writer and more use to the team as an investigator than calling the shots.

As for Harry I have to agree with Cisco that creating your own thinking cap is a really stupid idea. I mean sure there are extenuating circumstances that led to DeVoe’s deteriorating body, but come on even Harry has to know on some level this is an extremely shit plan. I also fail to see how exactly this will all stop DeVoe, I mean he is supposed to be the smartest person in the multiverse there can’t be a possibility he did not think that the team would create their own less powerful thinking cap. I mean it all just seems so set that I don’t know how the team can win even with Melting Point and the last two bus metas.

I mean I know it’s cheating but I just want to know how the team wins because it sure will be interesting to watch this all play out.

Final Grade C

+Iris making the tidal wave

+Iris going back to reporting

-Iris felt more useless than normal even with powers

-Weak villains

-The thinking cap feels like something DeVoe would prepare for

Extra Thoughts

-Iris tells caitlin to put out the fire, Caitlin does nothing. What the hell Caitlin?

-So apparently Iris ha not used her blog since the beginning of season two. That is just lazy.

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