Everyone Deals With Grief Differently on The Flash

I can honestly say without a shadow of a that was not how I thought the grief and mourning episode would play out. “Fury Rogue” was definitely an interesting take considering how many times we have seen Barry and the team have to deal with grief in different ways. Here was a new take with some fun characters and it managed to feel way more like an episode of Legends than it did an episode of The Flash. I mean you had Citizen Cold, another version of evil Laurel Lance, The Thinker losing control on some level. All of this which could have felt out of place in another week just managed to feel right enough tonight. We also had the added benefit of some rather solid B and C plots as the other members of the team dealt with grief in their own ways. Was it an amazing episode, no, but it was definitely enjoyable for the most part.

So, lets start on Barry’s grief which was the crux of the episode. Overall the plot worked a lot better than I expected it to, especially after the therapist rattled off everyone who has died over the course of the series. It felt like it was going to be hokey and annoying to watch but it all clicked during Barry’s conversation with the therapist at the end. I loved the idea that Barry wasn’t grieving because he lost another friend, but rather because if he had given Ralph a real chance at the beginning they could have been best of friends. That was a beautiful idea to have Barry learn considering he is the logics and facts guy. He can’t judge books by their cover and even though this was supremely late in the game it is always a valid lesson to have a character learn. Grant Gustin does a great job in his scenes with the therapist and Wentworth Miller’s Citizen Cold and it shows some great growth for the character.

The same can be said for Tom Cavanaugh’s Wells confronting what is happening to him in the aftermath of using the thinking cap. The cost for his addiction was suitably high in that he is now losing his memory and knowledge of everything. I especially loved that as soon as he learned the consequences he had to stop Cisco from sacrificing what he has sacrificed. There heart to heart about who Wells exactly is without his intelligence. It is an interesting conversation for a character whose major defining aspect is his brazen intelligence, and for Cisco to assure him that he will still be a member of this team no matter what. Carlos Valdes doesn’t always get moments to shine but when he does he earns every bit of them. He especially sold the disappointment and sadness when Harry revealed the fact he had used dark matter, I mean he just wanted to keep his friend safe and he couldn’t. That hurts on so many different levels.

The weakest of the plots this week unfortunately went to Caitlin, who despite loosing her powers this week was trying to come to acceptance. Except for the fact that no one would really let her. I mean I appreciate that over the course of he season Caitlin had learned to accept Killer Frost as a part of her and what she brought to the team, but for everyone to just basically ask her if she wants to get her powers back felt like a dick move. I mean everyone want Killer Frost back, but we didn’t even make it an episode without revealing that she will somehow come back. We could have stretched the plot out a couple of weeks, but it is good to know that we will get her back at some point.

As for DeVoe, he is so far gone that I am pretty sure he may end up killing The Mechanic. I mean he outright said emotions ruin everything and that he has basically transcended them. If that isn’t the turning point for the big bad I really don’t know what is. It will be interesting to see how quickly she turns on him and what effect that will have on the team as a whole. Still looking forward to seeing it all play out.

Overall it was a pretty satisfying episode, but now it is time for The Thinker to put all of his plans into motion.

Final Grade B-

+Solid grief plot for Barry

+Nice swerve in villain being Black Siren from Earth X

+Wells confronting his addiction

-Killer Frost reveal was a little to quick

-Fallout really doesn’t work as a character.

Extra Thoughts

-Cute that Snart thinks Barry and Cisco are gay, got the biggest laugh out of me tonight.

-So on every Earth except ours Laurel has super powers and is a bad-ass. WTF.

-The fact that both Earth-X and Earth-10 exist is probably one of the more frustrating aspects of the multiverse to me.

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