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“Null and Annoyed” is Simply Just Annoying

Well, that was certainly two very different episodes tangled up in one. One was very good and creepy while the other was a simple retread of a plot we have seen many, many times this season. It’s not that the particular plot in question has not worked for the show multiple times this season, it’s just that it has simply run its course and is now no longer an effective means of heightening tension with DeVoe still at large. As for everything else going on with the episode, director Kevin Smith manages to get the most out of the the B and C plots so that the episode can survive on it’s own merits. There is simply something in the way Smith shot the episode that managed to make event the most boring parts entertaining and substantive in some way. Even though “Null and Annoyed” is by no means the best episode of the season it manages to do fun stuff with characters not named Barry or Ralph.

Yeah, as I said Ralph and Barry’s tension at this point isn’t just played out, it is straight up boring to watch. I mean how many different ways can the writers say Barry and Ralph have different styles and that they have to learn to work together. I mean we are four years in Barry you can’t be this much of an arrogant prick to your friends and teammates, thats Oliver’s job. I understand the basic conceit of showing contrasting styles between the heroes but this is fifth episode this season where they have recycled the same plot in some form or another. We know Ralph is a good hero and that he is dealing with the target on his back in a different way. I don’t need to hear about it every three episodes. Same thing goes for Barry, he is the leader of this god damn team and he should damn well behave like it at this point. He is The Flash not Impulse.

Besides all of the A plot we had a surprisingly solid B and C plot going on. I have to say I was wondering how long it would take for the mechanic to figure out she was being drugged, but damn was it satisfying to watch it all play out. I love the idea that DeVoe created certain metas for the sheer purpose of keeping The Mechanic submissive. It is utterly terrifying to see how far his machinations are extending and how much he needs her and just how far he is willing to go to keep her. I mean sure DeVoe says that she is nothing without him but at this point I feel the only human part of him that remains is the fear of losing his wife. It’s just horrifying to watch how far DeVoe has fallen and that all of his body jumping will be worth nothing in the end. He will lose everything and it will be because if just how much he has destroyed his wife’s confidence in him.

As for the C plot, it is nice to give Cisco a different angle and ask some of the bigger questions, like where the hell is his girlfriend. I really liked the looking into a mirror aspect of helping Breacher out and realizing that in time his powers will fade as well. I also liked the idea of Breacher coming to an understanding that though different from Gypsy and himself, Cisco has a lot to offer and would make an excellent collector. The idea the he would leave the team is a little far fetched though I mean Cisco loves his friends I can’t imagine him up and leaving unless he knew Gypsy was a sure thing.

Overall it definitely was fun episode for certain parts, but that A plot definitely needs some real work.

Final Grade B-

+Excellent Mechanic plot

+Some good jokes

+Breacher Cisco plot

-Seriously stop with the Ralph/Barry tension plots

-Lame villain

Extra Thoughts

-It’s not really said if Weeper is dead or not, I imagine he is alive since DeVoe hasn’t jumped into his body yet

-Earth 2 not having antihistamines seems like utter bull but ok.

-Wells’ sure is acting a lot like Eobard, but he is definitely not Eobard.

-Mystery girl is not here this week, guessing it will be the season finale cliffhanger reveal.

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