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REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 5×17 “The Honeymoon”

The pieces of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. puzzle are slowly slotting into place as Hydra and Team S.H.I.E.L.D. fight against time (and each other) to figure out the best way to prevent a future that still seems inevitable.

Spoilers ahead!

With Coulson and Talbot trapped in some unidentified snowy forest, it’s a race between Ruby and Team S.H.I.E.L.D. to find the pair before they freeze to death. Just when it seems as though Ruby will take out our favorite Director and General, Daisy swoops in with May and Deke to stop the Hydra assassin. After a brief on-on-one showdown between Daisy and Ruby, that ends with the former quaking the latter into a tree, Deke gets shot by Mama Hale and the team is forced to retreat.

They make it back to the Lighthouse with Deke looking worse for wear and in desperate need of medical attention… which he can’t get as the team learns that resident medic Simmons has left with Fitz and YoYo on their own mission.

The reveal forces Piper and Mack to put on their surgical gloves and patch up Deke as best as a mechanic and field agent can. Which is pretty damn well! The duo extracts the bullet, stitches Deke up, and pump him with enough morphine for him to confess to having a wee crush on one Daisy Johnson.

Elsewhere, the “invincible three” have tracked down one of Gideon Malick’s old Hydra warehouses and make their way to merry England. Their theory is proven correct and when the trio arrives, they discover that the facility is active. The Superior and a band of his robot mercenaries are swarming the place due to the fact that it is housing the particle accelerator that is meant to create the Destroyer of Worlds. FitzSimmons quickly destroy what parts of the device they can before the robo mercs roll up and make life more difficult. When Elena attempts to use her super-speed, her new mechanical arms act up and take her out of commission.

With one of the I3 out of the game, FitzSimmons decide that they’ll hold off the robots long enough for Elena to escape and call for backup. The duo go full gunslinger in a slow-mo shootout as Elena flees the room and books it for the QuinJet. The Superior makes a valiant attempt at stopping her, but YoYo proves as formidable as ever and takes him out with minimal effort, subsequently taking out the rest of the robo mercs as well. (Take out the boss, the cronies will fall).

But this is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and no victory lasts for long.

Ruby and Werner roll up to the facility, realizing what FitzSimmons did to the particle accelerator components, and promptly threaten to kill the newlyweds unless they fix things.

The episode closes with Talbot making a call home… where his wife reads straight from the Hydra manual and gives him the whole, “are you ready to comply” spiel.

Hey zeus. Hydra. Still doing the same shady Hydra stuff they’ve always done.

Episode Grade: B+

Episode Highs:

  • Philinda shippers can rejoice, as a profession of love has finally been verbalized for the world to hear. Melinda May, a character who has become known for conveying most things with a look, finally got her moment to be vocal. In an argument with Coulson, May rightfully demands that he let her speak, and proceeds to call out all of the stupid decisions that he has made without consulting the people who love him, namely her. May’s, “I love you,” was a pivotal moment for the duo who have comfortably been living in the territory of unspoken feelings. Ming-Na Wen did a stellar job of delivering the line, directly without hesitation, while continuing to convey so much more through a look alone.
  • Jeff Ward has become a bright standout this season, taking over the title of comedic relief with an effortlessness that makes Deke’s goofy antics seem genuine. His delivery is spot-on and serves as a nice respite from the general doom and gloom that befalls our favorite agents week-to-week.
  • Ruby’s showdown with Mama Hale this week was reminiscent of Iain de Caestecker’s LMD Fitz in my favorite S.H.I.E.L.D episode to date, “Self-Control.” Watching Ruby flip from sobbing daughter to ruthless assassin in a split second was appropriately disconcerting and S.H.I.E.L.D newcomer Dove Cameron did a terrific job handling the emotional shift.

Episode Lows:

  • Hydra. Why must it always be Hydra?
  • Stuff of course happened… and yet, did not.

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