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“Harry and The Harrisons” is the TV Equivalent of White Bread

Well, that certainly was a strange time for a wrap up episode. I mean the general concept of it all I understand, but man was “Harry and The Harrisons” an utter slog of an hour. We are basically attempting to fit a B and C plot and turn them into an A plot. I am not saying it has never been done before but man was this weak as all heck to watch play out, and worst of all the actual interesting conflict material was thrown to the side in favor of characters that no one really cares about. I mean we have a compelling villain, Barry not being entirely a complete screw up, and some strong character development for one of the strongest characters. There is absolutely no reason as to why this episode should be a boring as it is.

First of jesus christ I am so glad Katee Sackhoff is getting her own show because Amunet is quite possibly my least favorite villain to recur on The Flash. It’s not that Sackhoff is not a great actress, we have years of shows where she has been much better utilized. Here however she is used in the most contrived and annoying plot line I have ever seen be recycled across shows. Seriously, the power was inside you all along. How in god’s name did not one one person in the entire writers room call bullshit on that. I am stunned that Caitlin, a literal bio-engineer and doctor didn’t just simply yell to Amunet’s face what utter bullshit that all was. Even the scenes where she was portrayed as a competent villainess such as pointing out Barry’s mask doesn’t hide his identity all that well, she still comes off as super annoying. I just hope we don’t have to see her again for a very long time because I don’t think I can take much more of her character.

The biggest problem with tonight’s episode is that everything that happens never fells like it moves the characters in a positive direction. Unlike with Snart a couple of weeks ago Amunet never feels like she adds anything to the plot as a whole. I mean she literally hands the team the weapon they will hopefully need to take down DeVoe, and yet it feels like it was not worth all the trouble in the end. There was no real growth for our heroes by her being there and even Caitlin’s “realization” would have eventually come as she is a very smart person. If her purpose for the entire episode was to simply tell Caitlin the power was inside her all along, use a god damn text message instead of wasting all of our time.

Of course there was one good plot at in the episode and surprisingly it belonged to Iris. I’ve given her a lot of crap this season for being poorly utilized and just almost getting to Felicity levels of annoying, but tonight not only did she have a solid idea but it helped to show her passion is not a useless diversion. I loved the idea that Iris had more faith in the city than Barry and that she wants to keep the city safe in her own way. Her passion for wanting to prove herself was actually well placed and she managed to show Barry that her writing about the team has value outside fo being good press. It was nice to see Candice Patton is full kind of F-u mode to Barry and in the end it seems to have paid off as some of those anonymous sightings will have to lead to DeVoe eventually.

The other ok-ish part of the episode was the council of Harrisons. Sure overall it was a massive waste fo time, but I did enjoy for the most part seeing Harry learn to be valuable without his intelligence. It shows that even without super smarts like the rest of the team you can still be useful overall. 

Overall this was clearly one that should be forgotten with the rest of the trash.

Final Grade D+

+Solid Iris arc

+Harry was ok

-The power was inside you all along

-Amunet may be the most boring villain

-Absolutely not important to the season

-Lack of a compelling plot at all

Extra Thoughts

-Despite Iris having a solid plot I love how Barry told her “That’s not the point” when she mentions how her bachelorette party was ruined.

-Seriously I am struggling to think of anything good about this episode, even the other Harry’s were lame and not in an HR way.

-Diggle shows up next week, is he any good still?

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