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The Team is Forced to “Think Fast” in an Excellent Episode

Oh Flashtime, how we have missed you. I mean it actually maybe possibly looks like The Flash is back on track with “Think Fast” as we manage to have a lot of forward momentum in terms of the plot, the enlightenment is a go, Caitlin has figured out on some level Killer Frost has always existed inside her, and Barry has learned just what it means to actually trust his team even if it means putting them at risk. That is a lot of stuff for forty two minutes and yet some how it manages to work on pretty much every level. The Caitlin stuff works because it actually gives Caitlin a plot that seems interesting, the Barry stuff works because of he trauma he has been dealing with since Ralph’s death, the DeVoe stuff works because he literally doesn’t care anymore. None of the characters are working from a place that doesn’t feel natural due to the material we have seen up to this point.

So, let’s start with DeVoe because boy did he go full super villain this week and it managed to work. The Flash tends to have a problem with it’s villains in the penultimate episode with the exception of Thawne and now DeVoe. They tended to go too big and in the end that made them a lot less threatening. Here DeVoe is simple and to the point he has a goal, a deterrent for the team, and he is not aiming for murder because Barry and the team have screwed up his plan. It made him a way more viable threat and also as he is not tied down to the sentiment this new DeVoe so richly despises he is able to not let the little things like his former love for his wife get in his way. Plus how cool was it to see DeVoe raid ARGUS and murder all of those soldiers like it was nothing. It was a great way to show the character growth and power set of the villain without it being completely cartoonish.

On the other side of things you have the Iris and Harry plot which at first felt like the weakest part of the episode, but ended up being one of the better plots. Firstly, Tom Cavanaugh is great playing Harry as an idiot, I mean seriously is there anything that he can’t do. The way in which harry slowly but surely convinces Iris that The mechanic is the key to taking down her husband is a beautiful bit of bonding, and it helps to force Iris to be bigger than the team even if she does have a point about being stabbed by a katana. Iris has been a weird character this season as she has been portrayed as being more important to the plot, but not mature enough to actually carry said plot. Here she is mature, mostly reasonable, and listens to what her team is saying that might help. It is some well done progression that I hope will actually carry over to next season, but I don’t expect much.

As for Barry, I mean how many times can we retread the fact that he is not over Ralph’s death. I mean I understand it is hard to get over loss and everything that has happened, but at some point Barry needs to be able to rely on his friends and make an actual serious effort to trust his team implicitly. I mean he is not Oliver, he is allowed to believe in his friends and know that they have his back. At the very least Team Flash should be as competent if not more so than the Legends whose basic motto is screwing up for the better. I do wonder what is going to happen to Barry next season if he continues to fail trusting his team, I imagine that would not end very well.

The only really confusing part for me was the Caitlin material which wasn’t really bad until it got super confusing. I mean I am cool with Caitlin repressing a memory that might lead to her becoming Killer Frost, but that end reveal was so out of left field I am confused as all hell what is going on. So, in this timeline, because yes this is still the post Flashpoint timeline, There have always been metas even before the particle accelerator went off. I mean on a surface level it is a cool twist considering the theme of the season was about creating new metas, but for them to exist before the accelerator is a game changer on some level. Not Hal Jordan arriving from space in full Green Lantern regalia, but it’s still fairly big.

Overall we are set up for a fairly exciting finale with the enlightenment set to possibly change to world forever.

Final Grade A-

+DeVoe being a threat and enacting The Enlightenment

+Iris and Harry plot

+Caitlin reveal was fun

-Caitlin reveal was also confusing

-Barry’s hesitance about allowing Cisco and Caitlin to help

Extra Thoughts

-Hey Diggle is in the episode for all of lets say three minutes and I am pretty sure he is only there for the sole purpose of the old Diggle pukes every time Barry speeds him. I mean it’s still a funny joke, but if you are going to have Diggle at least really use him.

-Joe and Cecile have a pretty forgettable plot but their were two highlights: Cecile acting like the stoner pizza guy and Joe’s constant need for a katana. I like to think Joe just keeps it above his desk at all times.

-Cisco offhandedly mentions the Legion of Doom and Super-friends, I would actually like to see both of those very much in the crossover next year.

-Offhanded thought how have we gone four seasons and Cisco has not said “Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom”. Thats got to get into dialogue next season.

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