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“Therefore She Is” Manages to be Both Fulfilling and Unfulfilling

Huh, what do you know an episode can be both consequential and inconsequential at the same time. Who’d a thunk it. So yeah, “Therefore She Is” is an interesting episode as it manages to push the plot forward way more than I expected it to and at the same time leaves you feeling pretty empty in the grand scheme of things. I mean, we find out DeVoe’s plan, get some interesting backstory on the big bads of the season, finally have conclusion to the Cisco Gypsy plot, and yet none of it felt as satisfying as it should have been. I know I shouldn’t be greedy or set my bar to high, but there was just so much room for potential in everything that happened and it all seemed to be one to two steps short from greatness. Oh, also the mystery girl shows up but we will talk about that later.

First things first, The Thinker’s big evil plan is kind of diabolical when you think about as well as clearly insane beyond all reason. I mean I would get the whole making a collective consciousness plot line from the comics, but dumbing everyone down so that they would learn to appreciate what is around them is super hardcore. Sure, it’s not blowing up the entire meta verse hardcore, but it is still super dark and fits with how DeVoe sees the world, for the most part. For most of the season DeVoe has been annoyed that no one was on his level and that he was never challenged, so for him to want to completely hit the reset button on all of humanity’s intelligence doesn’t completely gel with what we have seen to this point. On the flip side DeVoe has always wanted to be the teacher and educate people to make them smarter so dumbing them down is kind of ingenious. My question is how does Fallout play into all of this because I doubt Devoe is going to launch him into space with the satellites.

DeVoe being who he is, is what helps to make his and The Mechanic’s backstory so heartbreaking and gorgeous. Neil Sandilands and Kim Engelbrecht do some really great work selling their characters relationship and how they came to be where they are today. Watching the Mechanic realize how messed up and twisted the man she loves truly is was heartbreaking, even more so wen you realize how many times she has let his evil plan continue out of love and the realization he might be right about everything wrong with the world. I will admit, I had my money on her not making it out of the episode so it wil definitely be interesting to see exactly how and if she factors into the last few episodes. Even more so, it will be interesting to see how dangerous DeVoe becomes without The Mechanic helping to control him. I mean we are looking at him possibly going full mad scientist or Bond villain now.

The weakest part of the episode unfortunately was all the Cisco and Gypsy plot, not because it wasn’t important or didn’t add anything, but because it never felt like Cisco was ever truly going to leave the team. I mean in order for any plot to really matter in the course of the story there has to be some sort of tension or else this all amounts to nothing. I do hope this isn’t the end for Gypsy on the show as she is occasionally the most competent female character when given the chance.

The same thing goes for the Wells’ and Cecile plot. In the grand scheme of things it payed off as they were able to figure out DeVoe’s plan, but the build up and jokes really didn’t land as much as they should have. It wasn’t the weakest plot of the season by any means, but it just managed to feel completely unnecessary and out of place with the more serious flashbacks taking place.

Overall it was an ok episode, but at this point in the season there should be way more happening.

Final Grade C

+Solid backstory for DeVoe and The Mechanic

+DeVoe’s plan is revealed

-Cisco plot was lame

-Wells plot was meaningless

-DeVoe’s overall goal doesn’t make sense in the grand scheme of his character

Extra Thoughts

-She has purple and yellow lightning and speed powers. Everyone, Dawn Allen.

-So The Mechanic built a water filtration and purification system, shouldn’t she have a Nobel Prize and a shit ton of money.

-Also, DeVoe carries around his manifesto guide everywhere shouldn’t someone at any of the schools he worked at seen that and reported him for being insane?

-Amunet is back next week, so yeah we are probably in store for more of this.

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