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“We Are The Flash” Gives a Solid and Satisfying Conclusion to The Season

Not who we were expecting, but it seems messing up the timeline is indeed the family business. However, thats not the point right now as “We Are The Flash”, seriously I can’t believe they went with that title either, put on a pretty solid finale and tied together some fun plots that we have had throughout the season. I mean sure it was an asspull of “the power of friendship” but I enjoyed a lot of the material as it was presented and what it all lead to. Also, I am glad to know that the plot moving forward will be centered on how these characters deal with another alternate timeline that Barry didn’t cause. I’ll go into it a little more in a bit, but this may be the cleanest finale The Flash has ever had and I don’t quite know what that will entail, but all I can hope is that this is all leading to another member of The Flash family showing up.

So, let’s start with Nora because apparently the writers decided to use Dawn and all of her powers and just change the name. Weird, yes but it is interesting to see exactly the team will react after they run all of the necessary tests. As far as I can figure out her purpose in coming back was to observe, but not change Barry’s death at the hands of the satellite, but she did. I mean she is an Allen after all, screwing with the timeline is what they do whether they mean to or not. Now however something is going to come after her whether it is a new Black Flash, Thawne, Godspeed, or some sort of speed force entity. If there is one thing we have learned about the speed force it does not like being messed with and will surely be seeking retribution in one way or another.

As for the final plan I do wish there would have been more ramifications to the actual enlightenment. I mean we really don’t get to see the enlightenment at all after the initial blackout which was kind of a bummer. I mean I know watching people wander around like mindless zombies may not be the best television, but I at least want to see the threat being conveyed by more than a number on a screen. Luckily, the final save the city bit was much more well done in terms of scope and displays of abilities. I mean Cisco vibing the pieces of the satellite and Ralph pulling citizens to safety was all fun, but it was Barry and Nora’s supersonic punch that managed to cap it all and make quite the spectacle.

Same thing goes for Barry’s journey into DeVoe’s mind which was all well and good for the most part. I mean we got to see Ralph be the key to the entire situation figuring out where good DeVoe was hiding, and that he could in some fashion take control of his body back. Plus the final fight with all of DeVoe’s mental images was a fun little bit to watch unfold. Especially when Ralph figured out the key to beating DeVoe was to simply go stupid was fun little addition and an important element to this season, Barry learning to trust the other members of the team.

Now we begin the long wait to the fall when a new villain will terrorize Central City. Who will it be and why are certainly the big questions, but it seems as if everything has wrapped up fairly well for once with Team Flash. Maybe Barry can use his free time to break Ollie out of Super Max or help the Legends’ fight some dragons. I mean it is bound to be a few months before the new Big Bad makes their presence known.

Final Grade B+

+Ralph being back

+Fights were interestingly staged

+Harry got fixed

+Nora carrying on the Allen family tradition

-Lack of showing The Enlightenment

Extra Thoughts

-It’s a little thing, but having Ralph be a cape while running with Barry was just a perfect thing.

-The Mechanic ripped DeVoe out of his chair, I am going to put money on the idea that he is possibly still alive in that component.

-Wally came back for a minute, that was nice.

-Allegedly we are getting another non speedster next year for the Big Bad. Please dear god let us actually do a Rogues arc or Eddie as Reverse Flash

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