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Ancient Astronauts Builds a Universe that’s Full of Wonder and History

From the name alone, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when given the chance to review this title. But what was given to me was an interesting blend of futuristic Sci-Fi and historical themes which culminated in a unique story that kept me interested and intrigued despite instances of slow narrative exposition. Well, let’s see what this universe created by Vincent Pompetti has to offer in Ancient Astronauts

Ancient Astronauts revolves around Onys, the daughter of a powerful chieftain of an alien planet, hiding in refuge under the guise of a coalition society (a lot of big words there but stay with me here). Whilst she has dreams of flying amongst the stars, her past is returning to haunt her as she is attacked by The Tracker, a creature of myth and legend on her home world that can hide and possess anyone through their negative thoughts and emotions. Aided by the level-headed Captain Mark, and a mysterious woman by the name of Yulunga, Onys must return to her home to stop the creature and prevent bloodshed and war, which seems aided by her father’s hands…

In terms of narrative, the ideas and settings are unique and interesting. A futuristic group of planets that despite the technological advancements still follow and adhere to rituals and stories of old, with ancient ruins and cities housing flying machines and robots is a great visual marvel. However, I did feel there were instances where exposition felt forced and somewhat long-winded, impacting the flow of the narrative at times. Certain locations and people are introduced and expanded, but after the initial scene, it seems to be never touched upon again. Whilst it is a great world establishing approach, it felt a little wasteful of the material on offer here (but rife with opportunity to greater explore this universe in future instalments perhaps). But despite this personal gripe, what is presented here is beautifully constructed and feels believable in a manner of speaking both in design and attitudes, and that kept me fully intrigued.

Now the artistic style is a great compliment to this, as the design of the worlds are beautiful and eye-catching, with each world visited a great reflection of ideals. Our story starts on a sleek and clean futuristic utopia, we then move to a world draped in jungle and wildlife, like shifting to different time periods which can then meld together. With the use of the creature wielding emotions to its advantage, the colour choices proved integral to reflecting emotions, attitudes, and beliefs. As the creature’s warped appearance grows on the page, the colours grow dark and overshadow those near it, while our heroes’ positive thinking act like a beacon for bright, vibrant colours. Which will win when emotions start to boil over?

All these points come together to bring us a vibrant setting full of life and ancient traditions that blend with future technology seamlessly. There is definitely a bigger story and universe to tell here both with Onys and those she encounter. Ancient Astronauts has set the stage beautifully for the people and planets.

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