PodCapers Ep. 78: Wynonna Earp with Vic “Iddstar” Hill

♫ I tooold that deeevil to take you back ♫! At long last Scott has an opportunity to talk about Wynonna Earp at length, and he is joined in this endeavour by fellow Earper and comic creator Vic “Iddstar” Hill. They talk about it all, from the superb cast, to the awesome characters, to Doc’s perfect, perfect moustache. Also some slightly smaller issues like representation, consent, homophobia, and the inherent sexism in our society. Oh the fun they have!

Check out Vic’s work, plus her Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, DeviantArt, Patreon, Tumblr, and Earp Couch Con!

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Intro to Vic, Wynonna Earp, Characters – 03:00

Representation, Seasons 1-3, and Final Thoughts – 28:52

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