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“News Flash” Builds Out Some Relationships, But Little Else

Kilgore and DeVoe are just the gifts that keep on giving aren’t they. That is my official explanation of how objects can gain meta powers and I am stick to it until further notice. However, we are not here to talk about how there are all of these new mysterious meta items that are giving ordinary people meta powers, we are here to talk about “News Flash” which continues this seasons string of strong episodes. It is strange to have an episode where Barry isn’t the key component of the entire episode, but I do enjoy seeing the other characters be built out more and more even in these later seasons. I mean one of the biggest complaints of last season was how annoying Iris was and here we have her not only being generally intelligent, but more fleshed out than usual. The interplay between the characters have given us some solid pairings out of the early parts of the season.

So, let’s start with the pairing of Iris and Nora because we got some solid information as to why there is tension between them. First off, Candice Patton and Jessica Parker Kennedy are doing excellent work in their respective roles. Patton is great as the mother who is desperate to connect with her daughter. It is a fun angle that she is learning more and more about their relationship in the future and that despite the information she learns she is still Iris at her core. At the same time you have Nora who doesn’t trust her mother for a pretty good reason even if Iris’ reasoning may have been right in the long run. Yes, future Iris did diaper her daughters powers for her entire life until six months ago, but I am in the same school of thought as Barry, she must have had a good reason. I am assuming it is because Iris didn’t want Nora to do anything stupid and possibly lose her like she did Barry. Arrogant and self serving, definitely if true, but parents aim to protect their kids even if they do it in seemingly stupid ways.

At the same time you have the relationship between Ralph and Sherloque which dear god is stupid name and I am shocked no one on the team is calling him on that at all. Still, watching the two of them team up to be mystery buddies is about as enjoyable as it can get. At first glance I am liking that Ralph is teaching the new Wells some type of humility and actual detective work. With the exception of HR Wells has always been the smartest person in the room and it has often been enjoyable. This Wells however is just a huge self obsessed jerk and it is a nice touch that the second largest narcissist in the room has to teach him humility. Having Ralph figure out all of the major clues about Cicada’s make this week and doing most of the detective work leaves some room for growth. Last season Ralph was very lackadaisical for the most part. Now he actually feels like a useful member of the team as both a super hero and detective.

As for the actual “plot” this week, meh. I mean Spin as a villain wasn’t bad and the definitely played around with the concept of hypnosis in an interesting way, but she never really felt like a real character. I mean all we learned was she was obsessed with fame, has a beef with Iris, and is either a lesbian or bi from the way her and Nora were hitting on each other. Granted, some of those details were interesting and made her feel like something, it just wasn’t enough at the end of the day. I understand that someone like Cicada is clearly going to get more fleshing out, but if this was supposed to be Iris’ big episode this season, the villain she goes up against should feel more personal. It was just lacking that final push to make it an excellent episode instead of simply above average.

Overall it was a good episode that was on the cusp of possibly being great.

Final Grade B-

+Iris and Nora story

+Ralph and Wells team up

+Interesting angle on meta powers

-Spin was severely under developed

-Lack of actual Barry

-A lot of side characters benched this week

Extra Thoughts

-I will assume Cisco has continued drinking due to his break up with Gypsy and is simply on a massive bender this week.

-Cicada has meta shrapnel in his chest which is giving him powers and slowly killing him. Meta Cancer, thats new.

-Week off next week but I am looking forward to having to explain who the hell Ragdoll is to all of my friends.

-Iris “making a banana” for Barry is the line of the episode. Sure it is a cliche joke, but Patton sells the hell out of the “not being able to cook” schtick.

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