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“The Death of Vibe” Paints an Interesting Portrait of Our Villain

Ok, so we are building on something and trying to get some mysteries going I just hope that we don’t forget the entire point of this thing. I mean, mysteries are all well and good but there is a saying about having too many plates spinning at a given moment in time. “The Death of Vibe”  continues this season’s stellar trend of slowly building up Cicada’s backstory while at the same time giving the team a little bit of a side plot, really just Caitlin this week, but still it’s something. I don’t know how much this episode will matter by the end of the season but there are a ton of fun components to it that make for an interesting setup moving forward. Also, we got the new Wells tonight and he seems to be a mix of some of the best Wells’ from the look of everything.

Let’s talk about the star of tonight’s episode, Cicada. I have to say I am really enjoying the moves he is making so far although I am not quite sure if Gridlock and Block were intentional victims as Cisco was intended to be, but he certainly is a smart villain. I really loved watching him piece together Joe and Cisco’s relationship and watching him interrogate Joe. Previous villains have always really gone directly at the team, this one, though unintentionally is making them come to him. He is also making a good use of his powers at this point even if the most prominent one is simply draining other heroes powers. I just really ended up loving everything he did tonight especially the interrogation of Joe, it as a great character moment for Cicada and we just haven’t had enough Joe these past couple of seasons.

Speaking of good pairings, I am beginning to really like what they are doing with Caitlin and Ralph this year. They were a solid pairing but since they each have very similar insecurities they are able to see what is wrong and build each other back up. I mean both Caitlin and Ralph are insecure about their respective roles in the team on some level, especially now that there is another detective on the team even if he is not a very good one. Seeing Ralph just help Caitlin realize the good memories of her father and what he meant to he was a solid arc for the episode. Also Caitlin realizing just how much Ralph needed a pick me up with the new Wells being there was a great addition. We know that Ralph isn’t the lovable loser he was last season, but it is the thought that counts in this scenario.

As for the new Wells he seems like a solid mix of HR and Harry in terms of the level of intelligence and goofiness. I like that he is a philanderer and that he was so confident in himself because he has solve the Cicada case over thirty-seven times and it is always the same guy. It is definitely a question of whether his hubris will catch up with him or if he will learn to rely on others remains to be seen, but that arrogance will be super dangerous to the team if he only rests on the past cases he has solved

Overall it was a solid episode

Final Grade B

+Cicada continues to impress

+Ralph and Caitlin pairing

+New Wells seems fun

-Nora needs to stop doing stupid stuff

-Unsure of Cisco’s purpose this season

Extra Thoughts

-I have waited so long for The Flash Meuseum and it was exactly what I wanted.

-Nora mentions The League couldn’t even stop Cicada. Does that mean Barry is going to finally make use of the hangar we saw two years ago.

-Cicada’s real name is Orin and not David Hersch, so this is officially a new character I know nothing about. If he is some obscure DC character let me know in the comments below.

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