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“The Icicle Cometh” Leaves Us Out in The Cold

Seriously, thats it? I mean sure I understand slow point, episode six, couple weeks before the crossover, but man was that anticlimactic. “The Icicle Cometh” is a stall episode, I really wanted it to be more as this was supposed to be the Caitlin episode of the front half, but it never really felt like we were actually given any real progress. Caitlin finds her father, Ralph and Cecile team up, Nora and Iris team up. All of these plot lines should be good int their own rights as we are getting huge payoffs for two important plot lines this season, and yet it never really felt like a payoff. It felt more like we were watching act one of a three act play and we were waiting for something else to occur. It’s like we were waiting to get to the fireworks factory and never got there.

Let’s start with Caitlin’s father. Yes, Caitlin has been waiting to see him for nearly twenty years and family tends to be the huge blinking blind spot of Team Flash, but I mean come on. How many times has the team been screwed over by someone masquerading to be a good person. Thawne, Zoom, Snart, the list goes on my friends. At some point you should use Cecile’s empath powers as a basic lie detector in order to confirm that they wont screw you over at all. That is not to say that there were not come great moments between Thomas and Caitlin. The peanut butter and jelly waffles thing seems like the goofy type of thing a dad would do and when he did switch over to being Icicle he was suitably intimidating. At the end of the episode however I would have liked for him to either be imprisoned or for Thomas to hold off his Icicle personality to save the team. We are acting like he is still in there which seems remotely plausible considering the lengths Icicle went to to get rid of Thomas, but I want hard evidence not suspicion.

As for the Ralph and Cecile plot I think that might end up being my favorite part of the episode. I mean Cecile and Ralph are such and odd pairing and yet their comedic timing just manages to work on so many different levels here that it is nothing but satisfying. I loved the fact that Cecile wanted to assert that she can be terrifying and she damn well did a great job in the opening scene of the team up. Danielle Nicolet did some great work towering over Hartley Sawyer and Sawyer in turn was excellent in making you believe that Ralph was truly afraid of Cecile on some level. I especially love when Cecile finally got the files and Ralph when picking up the box childishly pushed everything off that corrupt FEMA employees desk. It is those little details that really help to make or break a scene and Sawyer does an excellent job of selling them.

In the inverse were Nora, Iris, and Sherloque who I seriously cant get a read on his purpose or reason this season. Supposedly he is the multiverses’ greatest detective but these past few weeks he has been outshone by Ralph, Nora, and Iris. I realize that he is paying off his debt to the team for wrongly deducing Cicada, but he has to prove his worth on a more consistent basis. I know every Wells has shown their true colors and capability before, but Sherloque makes HR look surprisingly competent. In the case of Nora and Iris they really didn’t do much. I mean they were bonding which was great and all but they never really added anything more to the story. I liked that Iris taught Nora a speed trick to find the core of the satellite, but man there should have been way more to this story for as much time as it took up this week.

Overall it was just a stall of an episode and I do wish that it all actually lead to something greater than this.

Final Grade C-

+Ralph and Cecile stuff was fun

+Killer Frost coming back

-The team should have been more suspicious of Icicle

-What is the point of Sherloque

-Nora and Iris plot is really uninspired.

-Weird Cicada D plot

Extra Thoughts

-There is an entire subplot with Cicada that goes absolutely nowhere. Unless this leads to him actually being the immortal from the comics than it was a waste of screen time.

-It’s great that Killer Frost is back and all, but the team should’ve been dead way faster that the time it took for the room to get to negative 462.

-Also Barry and Cisco were clearly not bundled up enough to just vibe to the north pole, lots of frost bite.

-Thomas was working with Louise Lincoln and Victor Fries to find a cure, also known as another iteration of Killer Frost and Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze is on Earth One and no one seems to care.

-There was a bonus scene from last weeks episode where Rag Doll is imprisoned with Weather Wizard. That seems super important to be cut out for no reason

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