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“The Flash and The Furious” Never Finds any Traction

Ok, that was interesting I guess. I really don’t know what else to say at this point as The Flash has really just been bouncing around in tone and clarity of narrative for a lot of this season. It happens, there are always lulls in every season but this year it is way more apparent than season four or hell season three. We know who the big bad is, we know what he wants to do, we know why Barry wants to take him down for the most part, and yet none of that really matters because the big final showdown is a ways away and none of the passerby are really making this any fun. I mean we have a plot line for a lot of the characters, but nothing that is pulling them all towards that final conclusion. I think that is what makes “The Flash and The Furious” so unsettling, it’s an episode for the sake of an episode.

Let’s start with Nora who really takes center stage this week because Barry is pipelined for stupid reasons. I don’t know what Grant Gustin had going on this week, but Jessica Parker Kennedy does an admirable job of carrying the workload even if she does come off as a brat. I get that her mentor was revealed to be a traitorous jerk, but Barry has had a few of those so maybe he could give her a few pointers on dealing with it better. I did enjoy her brief interactions with Thawne who I guess is on death row or something similar to it. Tom Cavanaugh still has just the right level of malice and remorse as Thawne to make him compelling, but Nora needed to realize that people could be redeemed. I am not fully sure if Weather Witch will becomes a good guy in the end, but it certainly creates an interesting dynamic for the new Young Rogues and Nora moving forward.

As for the Cisco and Caitlin plot, I guess all I can say is I am happy they are giving them something to do even if it is the plot of one of the worst X-Men movies. This is clearly going to backfire on them, either the cure will work and everyone looses their powers or it fails and Cicada will just get stronger. That is not to say that Cisco’s motivation for having a normal life and family aren’t valid and it is nice if momentarily we touched upon how much Cisco has lost due to meta humans. I just wish the build up hadn’t been completely out of left field. Yes it is relatable for Cisco to feel wronged, but he really hasn’t shown that he wanted his powers gone this year. Even through the nose bleeds and near certain death he has still been Cisco. On the other hand Caitlin’s motivation has never been clearer and it is great that she is fighting to keep that other side of her alive. I’ll be interested to see how this blows up in their faces.

With the Young Rogues however, meh. I mean I wouldn’t have a problem with a full on Rogues team up, I’ve been asking for it for around five years now. It’s just these villains that they are using are not particularly interesting or fun. Snart, Mick, Trickster, Weather Wizard they can all carry a scene and have honest to goodness history with Barry that would make that episode fun. Weather Witch is the only interesting meta tech user we have met this season and that is only because she someone feels remorse about being evil. Even Silver Ghost’s car this week was lame and it could literally phase through solid object and go invisible. That should have been cooler and more threatening than it was.

Overall, It was just a meh type of week and it is time to The Flash to put up or shut up this season.

Final Grade C

+Caitlin and Cisco plot might be ok

+Cavanaugh as Thawne is still great

-Nora is just super annoying

-The Young Rogues are boring and have no history with the team

-Caitlin and Cisco’s plot might be awful

-Barry sidelined all episode

Extra Thoughts

-Barry reads Mick’s book and it was the most enjoyable part of the episode.

-Joe is visiting Wally in Fiji apparently. That would have been a more interesting episode.

-I guess Cicada is just murdering people a bunch this week and no one cared.

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