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“Failure Is An Orphan” Never Manages to Truly Shine

I mean that certainly was enjoyable on some level, I just kind of wish it had happened way sooner than now. Maybe I am just too impatient and want instant gratification, but this certainly feels like a welcome change of pace to everything that has bee happening. For a lot of this season Cicada has been a running joke; shows up, gets ass whopped, runs away, repeat. I mean I don’t know how much that will change now with Cicada II, but at least we are getting a change of pace. “Failure Is An Orphan” does some strong setup in terms of all the major players being around, Sherloque continues his investigation, Nora is on the clock in their attempt to stop Cicada, even Joe and Cecile get to do some heavy lifting in interrogating the doctor. However, even with the sum of its parts much like the rest of this season it just felt clunky and somewhat disjointed.

Let’s start with Sherloque, a man whose plot line was basically solved in his first episode and is now simply biding time till the big Nora is working with Thawne plot line gets revealed. I mean I like that he is still around is because its Tom Cavanaugh and he has been a solid source of entertainment throughout the series run. However, looking back on everything I think even HR was given something to do episode to episode, even if it was comic relief until he got his big hero moment. Sherloque, on the other hand, is kind of just there. Not in the same way as Cisco or Caitlin who at least get involved in the action and have some purpose, but rather that he simply fills out the role of making Nora uncomfortable. There has to be more purpose or drive to his character at this point to make him interesting, or else he is just a waste of screen time and talent.

Nora is on a different page gut still on some level is lacking. I mean she should be able to pick up on subtle social cues like her mom feeling sad about the fact that she is possibly leaving. I mean I would think a bigger concern should be that if she continues messing up in the way she has she may just wipe herself out of existence. I am however enjoying her interactions with Thawne as he is showing her the ramifications of his plans. I am slightly shocked that things have gone so well up to this point. Nora has screwed up the timeline multiple times at this point, possibly more than Barry. You would think that a time wraith or some sort of speed force guardian would be taking notice. I mean the timeline is malleable but it is not a rubber-band guys.

There were really only two parts that worked for me tonight, the final fight and Joe and Cecile. I have to say I am shocked just how much I have been enjoying all the scenes Cecile has been getting this season. They could come off as quirky and annoying but instead, more often than not they are enjoyable. Her scenes with Joe tonight managed to display just how great they are as a couple. Neither manages to overpower the other and the give and take of the scenes are fairly well balanced. I kind of wish that more scenes were written like the interrogation as it became about the characters trust in each other. It is easy enough to write people talking, it is hard to make it seem like they actually trust each other.

As for the final fight and the reveal of Cicada II, I am interested to see how long it takes them to figure out it is Grace. I mean this shouldn’t be that hard of a solve, but since she is in tune with not only her meta powers but also Cicada’s dagger that certainly makes her a powerful foe. I hope that we get reasoning as for why she decided to follow in her uncle’s footsteps, but until then she certainly made an impression.

Overall it was ok, I just really wanted more from the components surrounding the good stuff.

Final Grade C

+Cicada II intro

+Joe and Cecile team up

+Ramifications for messing with the timeline

-Sherloque is just running through the same plot every week

-Shouldn’t there be a time wraith or something

-Caitlin and Cisco sidelined

Extra Thoughts

-Apparently, Iris’ insurance doesn’t cover Grodd related damage. What would the deductible even be on that?

– Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth got a good name drop. He feels more up Legends alley that The Flash though.

-So the doctor’s fiancé was murdered by Zoom and that is why she was helping Cicada. Never reveal your tragic backstory, it means you die soon, friends.

-I liked how the team pointed out how hit or miss Barry’s speeches are on villains. I mean no one bats a thousand, but still funny.

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