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“King Shark Vs Gorilla Grodd” Delivers on It’s Title

I can count on one hand things I have wanted to see on The Flash for a while: a full-on Rogues episode, Bart Allen, Barry vs Superman in a race, and a full-on Grodd vs King Shark fight. I got one of those tonight and it was just about perfect and I weep for the budget for the rest of the season as a result. The aptly titled “King Shark Vs Gorilla Grodd” like much of this season was filler, more so than some other episodes, but filler nonetheless. However unlike most filler episodes “King Shark Vs Gorilla Grodd” actually had some solid material to back it up, the return of Joe, Shea being a real character, Barry being a huge asshole about how to use the cure. There were real payoffs to storylines we have seen over not only this season but others as well. It may easily be the best noncrossover episode of the season and I am super happy with all the implications.

Firstly, thank god Joe is back. I know Jesse L. Martin has been dealing with back issues this season, but his presence and influence on the rest of the cast have been sorely missing. I do love the fact that he went to visit Wally in order to get perspective on things and have a real understanding of how to deal with all of the bullshit he has to deal with. Even more important he made Iris realize that she can’t be afraid of Cicada after the whole time loop thing. I mean I really didn’t see Iris being afraid as she didn’t show any fear after the events of the fifty-two timelines, but that is what makes Joe a good father. I know this was more getting Joe back into the motions, but I do hope he makes more of an impact on the rest of the team.

In the case of the whether or not the team should forcibly use the cure on their enemies I see both sides of the issue. I don’t want the team forcibly removing powers as they had already previously decided that the cure should be a choice and they are a team. On the inverse everyone they would be using it on with the exception of King Shark apparently seems to be a villain. I mean King Shark was about to eat Cisco in two bites and Barry was in the right to administer the cure. At the same time, Barry’s arrogance has often come back to bite the team in the ass too many times to count. It has to be a compromise although I can’t see any major names like Cicada willingly giving up their powers in order to be good people.

As for the big set piece in King Shark Vs Grodd, yeah it definitely paid off and was a spectacle to watch. I do enjoy the fact that King Shark chose to prove his worth rather than simply accept the cure. It would have been a crime in itself to completely cure such a fun character that we have spent a decent amount of time with. Grodd as well definitely proved his worth as a villain as he is consistently getting smarter and coming up with more creative ways to prove his superiority over humans. The whole long con of inserting a set of commands in one-second of downtime shows that he is becoming more adept and Caitlin says his powers were continuing to grow even in the coma. Both have been set up for some fun arcs moving forward, but this episode was made because of the fight.

I mean how cool was it to watch Grodd and King Shark face off. I don’t think I realized just how much larger King Shark is compared to Grodd, because in some of those shots he looked massive. The CGI was pretty impressive, Grodd and King Shark were both super emotive and as their battle wore on showed a ton more damage and bruising than I thought they would. The taser punch to finish off Grodd was a nice bit of imagery. I really am hoping to see another big episode like this in the future, because it shows just how capable these shows can be when they want to.

Overall it was a really fun episode in my opinion.

Final Grade B+

+Joe being back

+Grodd vs King Shark

+King Shark as a human was a cool bit

+Grodd being a master planner

-Barry and the team not being on the same page about the cure.

Extra Thoughts

-Did Barry’s lab always have a punching bag and I just never noticed?

-I know a lot of people are pointing out the hypocrisy of putting Grodd in a coma, pretty sure you would all still be pissed if they just gave him the cure instead.

-So Wally is just going to chill in Tibet until they need him back I guess. I am ok with that.

-There is something amusing about Grodd knowing that Barry is The Flash and where his headquarters is. He is basically saying I could have done this whenever I wanted you, idiot.

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