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“Godspeed” Proves To Be An Exciting Hour

Ok, let’s get this out of the way up top. Godspeed survived so he can come back, he is not what we expected him to be but still decent, Thawne is totally working an angle to get freed from death row, Nora was stupid but not completely in the wrong, Barry has a point but is overreacting. So yeah, “Godspeed” manages to do its job with just enough nostalgia to be worth watching, however, it falls into the cardinal sin of naming the episode after someone really important and thus will live or die on that one character. That is not to say the episode was bad, it was actually quite good, but I had some lofty expectations going into the episode and we really just met the bar rather than exceeding it. There are a ton of great scenes, but it just felt as if we needed a stronger villain to tie this all together and we unfortunately never really got there.

Let’s start with the strong material which since Nora got center stage this week, make her scenes the defect best. I have said that she, unfortunately, has been making a ton of dumb decisions, but Jessica Parker Kennedy did a great job playing all sides of Nora this week. From her excitement at being a speedster, to her anger at Iris for dampening her powers, to her desperation/admiration with Thawne. All of these bits really helped to flesh out certain aspects that had been bugging me up to this point in the season. The best parts of the episode were about Nora realizing her faults in retrospect, and the team reconciling the choices Nora. It is easy to reason away that Nora was manipulated and lonely, but she still chose to side with Thawne on some level and that is what makes Barry’s speech to her at the end so powerful.

Both Barry and Iris get a great scene with Nora and manage to cement their roles and ideas. Nora losing it on Iris takes on a whole new shade when you look at it through the lens of how much Nora has matured over the season. She realizes that even though Iris made the wrong choice, it was all in the name of protecting her from Barry’s fate. Barry, on the other hand, is right in his frustration and anger at Nora. I can understand why she needed Thawne’s help in the first place, that much is apparent. However, why did she feel the need to go back to him even after she found out just how bad of a person he is. She clearly should have fessed up earlier and Barry may have been ok with it on some level, but waiting this long just made him think that Nora trusts Thawne more than him. For Thawne I can think of few bigger joys than making Barry’s own daughter respect him more than Barry.

Speaking of Thawne, I know his game is to get off death row but man it feels like his punishment is excessive even for how big a villain he is. I mean the electroshock treatment every night just feels like it is overkill, and I can see why Nora would sympathize with him as he is depicted. She didn’t know all of the horrible things he has done throughout the multiverse, all Nora sees is a person willing to help her adapt to her new abilities and avenge her friend. A lot of people would take that without a second glance, and Thawne of all people knows how to prey on the vulnerable. I especially loved when he gave the phasing speech, the perfect bit of nostalgia to tie all of this together.

As for Godspeed, he was fine. I mean he could possibly be rewritten in the future to be more like his comic book counterpart, but from what we saw of him he was entertaining enough. The suit looked great and he was imposing at parts. Hopefully, we will see him in a truer form next season, although I feel like the Red Death tease has more potential for a big bad at this point.

Overall it was a really solid episode. It just needed a real villain to fill it out.

Final Grade B+

+Godspeed’s suit looked awesome

+Learning Nora’s origin

+Barry losing his shit on Nora

+Nora losing her shit on Iris


-Godspeed was turned into a meta of the week

-Nora being surprised how Barry reacted

Extra Thoughts

-We got a great tease for Crisis with Barry’s goodbye message. I can’t wait for that scene in real time.

-So, they list all of the different colors of lighting, but white is left off. Savitar had white lightning. I know the museum omits details, but that feels like a stupid one to omit.

-Choi Industries exists in 2049, further cementing Ryan Choi will pop up hopefully when Ray shrinks off into the sunset.

-So sound waves neutralize Velocity-9. Probably would have been helpful to figure that out when Zoom was around.

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