How Comics Affect Your Creative Thinking In Your Studies

The world today is full of comic book characters. You can’t turn a corner without seeing a product marketing the Avengers or Batman. Everything from video games to major motion pictures and wedding cakes are taking inspiration from the comic book world. But can reading comic books actually help you in your studies? The answer is yes. So, let’s light a candle in memory of Stan Lee and get this party started!

You Think Differently

There is strong evidence that reading comics leads to having a sharp brain. Comics make a person take three different components of the book, and put them together into one concise story. These are the visual, spatial, and textual components. This is not simply looking at a picture book. Instead, reading a comic book takes a lot of complex thought to understand. This improves your cognitive functions. Stronger brains are better at using creativity in all occasions, including in your studies.

They Lead to Writing Better

Writing is, obviously, a large part of your studies. And custom writing, particularly custom essay writing, is a big part of that. If you are a student, you obviously know how to write a custom essay. Still, you may find yourself looking to buy custom essays from an essay writing company. But if you continue reading comics, you might just be inspired enough to do it yourself. You can stop looking up “essays UK” and give that custom essay writing service a rest for once. This goes hand-in-hand with reading as both are fonts for creativity. Being able to write for yourself can inspire your brain into a new jag of creativity you would otherwise miss.

They Make you Read

Though countless mothers and old-school librarians tried to claim the opposite, comic books are, indeed, books. And reading comic books is just as good as reading a novel. For many children, and even adults, they were what pushed them into having a love for reading. There’s something about settling down with a new comic book to read that makes people feel happy. That contentment is still good for you today and is a great reason to keep reading, which is a crucial part of the creative thinking process as many studies have shown. The more you read, the more creative you’ll be.

They Help Verbal Thinkers

There are two major types of thinkers: verbal and visual ones. Now, most people tend to use a combination of the two. Visual thinkers tend to think in a series of visual flashes. This can be very fast and can include things they’ve never actually seen before. But those who use verbal thinking usually only think in full words and sentences. This means that they can only mull over something as fast as they can talk. Verbal thinkers can have a hard time understanding and using creativity in all aspects, including when it comes to their education. For example, they also have a hard time imagining places they’ve never seen. Comic books can be especially helpful to verbal thinkers since they follow mostly dialogue and what is written is easy to keep up with. On top of that, the settings are drawn, so they know what everything is supposed to look like! It can help them get the creative boost that they need.

Society needs to let go of the idea that comics are bad for a person or that they rot someone’s brain. Comics can be complicated, dramatic, and well-written books that can help you build up your brain and exercise your mind. They can inspire creativity in many different ways, making it easier to think creatively when it comes to your schoolwork. So don’t let anyone stop you! Go out and grab a copy of your favourite series today!

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